The Russian company "OFK-CARDIO" specializes in the production of test systems for early diagnosis of heart attack and is the organization of the full production cycle.

The action of the test system is based on the detection of capillaries in the core of the heart protein under test, which binds fatty acids (FAC) by immunochromatographic analysis. The protein is objectively a biomarker, which can manifest the disease in its early stages.

A special convenience, in addition to early detection of the disease is that this test can be performed at home.

The company was established in 2010 to produce tests at home in cooperation with scientists from Moscow State University and the Institute of Molecular Diagnostics. With support from OJSC MIR, the company organized the opening of two sites of its own production for antibody conjugation and monoclonal antibodies production. Thus, the enterprise has received a full cycle of manufacture of individual cardiotests for home use from synthesis of a gold conjugate to packing packages.

The intellectual property of the company includes the Patent for useful model No. 91435 "Diagnostic device for revealing the protein binding fatty acids (BSZhK) by immunochromatographic analysis method", the Patent for useful model No. 107364 "Immunochromatographic diagnostic device", the Certificate for trade mark No. 4446120 "CARD-INFO", the Certificate for trade mark No. 478523 "OFK-CARDIO".