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North West Laboratory

The company develops power voltage converters for telecom systems of cellular network operators and wireless Internet.

Scientific and Technical Center "Northwest Laboratory" was founded in 1993. The center specializes in the manufacture of chokes, inductance coils and transformers based on ferrite materials with innovative technology using special magnetic powders with unique electromagnetic characteristics. The center employs 120 people who manufacture 2 million coils and transformers operating in a wide frequency range.

Research and Development Center "Northwest Laboratory" produces various types and models of transformers and chokes. They can be divided into several groups: separating transformers for modems, transformers for power electronics and pulse power supplies, transformers and chokes for fire systems, ship equipment, lighting, pulse power supplies, medical equipment and household appliances, interference suppressing and separating video transformers, etc.

All documentary support of the company's products complies with the State Standards of UECD and USTD.

The company has its own machine park for various types of winding, which guarantees stable execution of orders and quality control.

NTC "Northwest Laboratory" has many certificates, which confirm its competence in production, including "Certificate of Conformity", issued by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology, which certifies that the quality management system of the company for the production and sale of cores made of magnetic materials, transformers and chokes based on them meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015.

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