The company is engaged in computer support development, research and development of diodes and thyristor diode modules, as well as a new generation of power diodes.

"POWER SEMICONDUCTORS" was founded in 2012. The company has set itself the task of developing a complete family of bipolar power GaAs devices based on the technology of the laboratory of optoelectronic phenomena in heterostructures and power semiconductor devices of the Ioffe Phthysics Institute. GaAs technology is much more complex than the silicon technology, but GaAs is much more suitable for obtaining semiconductors because it has much better characteristics and is perfectly suited for use in the production of LED lamps.

Among the specialists of the company there are former employees of FTI who use their developments in the field of technologies of cadmium-mercury-tellurum epitaxial layers growth by liquid-phase epitaxy method for application in power electronics and implementation of the results of these scientific developments in bioelectrical and medical devices production.

Wide commercial use of this method is possible in the development of semiconductor materials for night observation devices, in the production of nanoscale epitaxial structures, in the use of technology for obtaining epitaxial layers for the base areas of high-voltage transistors.

In order to obtain heterostructures of an established thickness with an established alloying profile, epitaxial magnification in a high-vacuum apparatus is necessary.

The development of such apparatuses is aimed at creating "POWER PLANT".