The company is an innovative startup that foxes on thermal testing of semiconductor systems and the development of enameled copper wires.

The company was founded in 2008 and in 2013 founded the Tau Research and Development Center, which has its own production facilities. Tau's specialists work on the process of optimizing the efficiency of new semiconductor products and are engaged in electronic engineering, development, assembly, system integration of complex devices in various fields, from aerospace to pharmaceutical and automotive.

The company develops three key technologies: non-contact polymer analysis, development of semiconductor enamelling technology and processing of valuable metals from DryCycle® electronic waste.

DryCycle® is a registered name. It consists of a unique way to enamel semiconductors without using liquid dyes. Its uniqueness lies in its compatibility with both thermoplastic and thermally reactive polymers. The coating thickness varies from 10 to 150 microns.

Tau's technological partners are the German Fraunhofer Institute and the University of Trento in Italy. 10 qualified engineers from different countries of the world, some of whom have scientific degrees, are engaged in the development of technology.

The company takes part in mining of rare-earth metals with the use of new robotic technologies, which help to reduce the use of electricity during mining by half, in addition, they increase the coefficient of production efficiency by 20%.