ENGO Engineering is an international company that provides high-tech complete engineering solutions for separation of mixed gas components. This includes the separation of natural gas and associated gas based on our company's supersonic gas separation technology (supersonic separation technology or 3S technology).

The 3S technology is based on expanding the gas flow in Laval's nozzle. At that time, since the potential energy of a part of the gas stream was converted into actual kinetic energy during acceleration and therefore at hypersonic speed, the constant pressure in the air stream is rapidly reduced, so that the air stream cools down rapidly.

In the 3S separator, the flow temperature in the nozzle can be adjusted by calculating the nozzle geometry and the degree of pressure drop (usually characterized by the number of Maha "M"). The number M is selected by entering the "target" component (to be separated) to transfer the gas mixture to the liquid phase. The resulting droplets actively condense, contributing to a turbulent swirling flow. The degree of swirling is usually selected so as to provide centrifugal force of about 100000 g in the nozzle working area.

Using a diffuser at the outlet of the working part of the separator 3S converts some kinetic energy into potential energy due to deceleration, which results in a gas pressure at the outlet of the diffuser is much higher than the constant gas pressure in the nozzle Laval. In this way, the target ingredients are condensed.

ENGO's engineering solutions and technical devices, based on the development of 3S technology, can increase reliability and reduce operating costs as well as ensure a high degree of safety during gas treatment.