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"Novochem" is a modern full-cycle chemical production facility with more than two hundred advanced chemical solutions developed independently on the basis of unique technologies.

The main activity of "Novochem" is the manufacture of chemical products with low tonnage for industries such as oil production, medicine, wood processing, heat generation and many others. The complex territory of the company, where the production is carried out and experiments are carried out, is equipped with the latest chemical mechanisms and the territory of equipment for distillation, mixing, obtaining catalytic systems and rectification, served by personnel with high engineering and technical qualifications.

The company cooperates with "Engineering Chemical and Technological Center", with which it is improving and measuring the scale of low tonnage chemistry technologies. In close cooperation, products and technologies are created and manufactured on the basis of the scientific and technical laboratory of Tomsk State University. The use of its rare and modern production and scientific-technical base, a team of which are doctors of science, candidates for a doctor of science, scientists-engineers contribute to the introduction of innovative products and developments in production in the shortest possible time.

The Company has its own trading house, which supplies the solutions created on Russian and international sites.

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