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C-Innovations is a second-generation high-temperature superconductor (HTSSP) wire manufacturing company.

The moment of C-Innovations establishment in 2011 coincides with obtaining the resident status of "Skolkovo". The Company, despite its small age, is confident that it has become one of the world's five largest manufacturers of high-temperature superconductors.

C-Innovations develops and manufactures a unique product that finds its application in many industries: traditional power generation and new types of power generation, aircraft construction, space, etc. The company's products are designed and manufactured by C-Innovations. A wide range of applications of WTSP is justified by the fact that the wire has unique magnetic properties that allow to transmit electricity without resistance, which makes it applicable in the latest technologies. Devices with high-temperature superconductors are ultimately more powerful, smaller and more economical than their competitors.

Highly qualified physicists and chemists keep their hands on the pulse of technological progress and continuously carry out research and development to improve the quality of long VTSP tapes. The company holds a number of Russian and European patents and know-how.

C-Innovations is the first and only serial manufacturer of superconductor wires that offers a full research and production cycle of HTSP wires for any application.

C-Innovation's marketing program aims to scale up by expanding orders both domestically and internationally.

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