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Joint Stock Company Istok was founded in 1958 and for many decades has been producing power sources

It was founded in 1958. The year when the joint-stock company Istok appeared. It is about the Tver enterprise of mechanical engineering which is engaged in creation of means of production for current sources. For those half a century that the enterprise has existed, a lot of equipment with which help almost all kinds of current sources are made has been developed. With a wealth of experience in the business, the company began offering its alternative energy solutions. Today wind power plants produced by Istok since 2008 are distributed all the way to Central Asia. It is worth noting that many of the company's solutions operate in extreme conditions, but there have been no complaints about quality and reliability. And the most interesting thing is that the company does not stop at production and installation of wind power plants alone.

For example, the company is in parallel engaged in metalworking of products, metal structures for various purposes, electrical equipment and others. But about everything in order. If we are talking about alternative energy, then we are talking primarily about wind and solar energy. As for metalworking, there are several points: metal forming, casting and machining. The equipment at the company's disposal is suitable for a wide variety of jobs. There are also lathes, milling machines, and much more. The equipment of the company allows to process a large number of products and increase the level of metalworking itself. Joint Stock Company Istok can also help its customers to design, develop and manufacture any product from metal.

And recently the company has even discovered a new direction, called laser metal cutting. This is followed by locksmith-welding works and coating with paints. By ordering laser cutting from the joint-stock company Istok, the client can significantly save on transportation costs, if further production of the product will be carried out at the company. With the laser it is possible to cut not only metals, but also stainless steel and brass. The company is known for its flexible approach to work with clients and high professionalism: any task will be performed promptly and in clearly defined terms, and if necessary, the equipment will also be installed at special purpose facilities.

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