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The company Specialized Design Bureau of Electrotechnical Instrument Engineering is a plant for the production of devices for control and diagnostics of transformers

Today the company SKB Electrotechnical Instrumentation Design Bureau boasts a client base of 13,000 enterprises. Some of them are located in foreign countries. For twenty-five years of its existence, the company has managed to obtain a constant demand from thirteen plants, which use the relevant developments in the technical control departments. Also among the trophies is already three patents. The main task of the company is to create and manufacture control devices for high-voltage switches. The company's products have found their application in power systems and railways of Russia and neighboring countries. Specialists of the company SKB Electrotechnical Instrument Engineering managed to develop a unique method that allows to identify future breaker failures at their early stage, thereby extending their life and reducing repair costs.

Each of the devices developed by the enterprise has the corresponding safety certification. The quality of manufactured products is confirmed by the award for technical production. In addition to production and development, the company also trains specialists by regularly holding individual seminars with webinars. The list of services "SKB Electrotechnical Instrumentation" includes calibration, verification, repair, warranty and rental of equipment. On an official site of the enterprise it is possible to find set of responses: both in the form of official letters, and in video format. There you can also look at a number of diplomas, which the company has managed to earn during its work.

All devices are divided into many categories depending on their capabilities and purpose. For example, you can find devices for monitoring high-voltage circuit breakers, millimeters for measuring electrical resistance, devices to control the switch drives, rods-manipulators and much more. For convenience, the company's website has a so-called live chat, thanks to which you can quickly contact the representatives of SCB Electrical Instrument Engineering. If desired, the client can purchase the service of paid consultation. Its cost depends directly on the task being solved. Many of the devices presented in the catalogue have comprehensive video reviews, which can simplify the sometimes difficult task of selecting one or another equipment. The person who decided to register on the site, will be able to access a whole database of useful materials and free technical support from the company.

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