​NovaProduct AG

​NovaProduct AG

Manufacturer of healthy food products, as well as dietary, diabetic and enriched foods

LLC NovaProduct AG is engaged in production of products for healthy food, dietary, diabetic and enriched products, as well as b2b-supplies of food ingredients (inulin, fructose, vegetable protein, etc.).

The course on healthy lifestyle has always been in the DNA of the company and its main brands: Chikoroff, Novasweet, Bionova, Ol'Light. The company's goal is not just to create products to quench hunger, it is important that they are functional, with a clean composition and the maximum amount of useful substances. In creating products, the team relies on global research and trends. Innovative products are created in our own laboratory, R&D department.

Chikoroff is a chicory drink made from 100% chicory roots, grown and processed using a unique technology. The range includes several tastes - from traditional to a Belgian chocolate beverage. Chikoroff has undergone examination by the Nutrition Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and is included in the "Register of food products used in the nutrition of children and teenagers in organized teams of Moscow".

Novasweet are sugar substitutes, which are ideal for people seeking to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet, as well as for diabetics, people overweight, athletes and adherents of healthy eating. The company carries out a full cycle of production of sugar substitutes, offering 3 convenient forms: liquid, in tablets or in powder.

Bionova is a product for those who are always on the move, who go, run or go to a new goal, a new life. Today several lines are launched under the brand: crispy sugar-free granola, chicory with extracts, sweeteners, fruit and nut bars, fermented sugar-free syrups, coconut sugar, portions of protein porridge, soups and necks.

OL'LITE are bars, granola, porridges, chicory, sugar substitutes and other healthy products for people who are easy to lift.

Today the company cooperates with such large networks as X5 Retail Group ("Perekrestok", "Pyatechka", "Karusel"), METRO, "Auchan", "Magnet", "ABC of Taste", Internet hypermarkets "Utkonos", OZON, Wildberries, etc., as well as with small shops of healthy food products.

Besides, the company supplies its products to 14 countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Syria, Thailand, Israel and Egypt. From 2018 to 2019, the company's exports increased by 40%. In 2019, the company reached the final of the "Breakthrough of the Year" contest of the Moscow Government in the "Exporter of the Year" category. With the support of organizations REC, MOSPROM, IEC "NovaProduct AG" annually presents its products at major international exhibitions, and also takes part in business missions around the world. This cooperation helps to hold negotiations with such countries as Japan, China, EU countries, etc.