LLC DUDU is a manufacturer of face, hair and body care cosmetics under the DUDU brand (Russia, Primorsky Krai)

The creators of the brand are an ambitious team, which sees its mission to create unique, professional cosmetics based on natural components. The effect of application at home is comparable to salon procedures.

Production under the DUDU brand exists since June 2015. In such a short period of time, the company's team has developed a wide range of products that are so beloved by customers. Due to the quality and efficiency of application, the cosmetic brand DUDU has firmly occupied its niche not only in the whole of Russia, but also in neighboring countries such as Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Today everyone who cares about their own health gives preference to organic and natural formulations. We have worked carefully to create each recipe and guarantee not only safety, but also high efficiency. The strength of nature and the professional knowledge of our development engineers have joined forces in an ideal tandem to give you DUDU products and help you to stay young, beautiful and healthy.

At the moment our products are presented and available for purchase at electronic sites such as: Yandex.Market, Beru, Wildberries, Instagram and on its own site dudu.ru.com.