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Strana Kart

Leading manufacturer of plastic cards and RFID products

International production company Strana Kart produces standard and non-standard plastic cards, RFID smart cards with a chip, RFID key chains with a chip, RFID bracelets with a chip (silicone, fabric, leather, vinyl, plastic). Identifiers will help to strengthen customer relationships and automate the system of access counterbalance, as well as improve security. All products from MPC Strana Kart are made from quality certified materials from major European manufacturers. Therefore it is absolutely safe for people and suitable for daily use.

Own factory for the production of cards, key chains and bracelets allows to control the quality of products, improve technology and develop new products. All identifiers are produced in accordance with international standards.

Every year Strana Kart presents its products at various national and international exhibitions and conventions in the field of fitness, public transport and access control systems. And in 2019 the company passed a voluntary certification, which confirmed the high quality of products, their safety and compliance with all requirements.

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