Since 2010, the Company has been producing innovative and safe polymeric EVA materials (environmentally friendly high performance foamed rubber) and products based on them.

Eco Cover has a wide range of products. For example, the company produces polymer sheets for the production of backpacks, bags and suitcases, as well as sheets for footwear, various soles and insoles.

In addition, Eco Cover manufactures universal soft floor coverings that can be used on children's and sports grounds, in the private sector and at the country house.

One of the main innovative solutions that the company is implementing is a floor covering for cattle. It has a positive effect on milk yields, helps prevent injuries and significantly reduces animal maintenance costs.

The main advantages of EVA polymers used in the company's products are non-toxicity, environmental friendliness, high elasticity and resistance to ultraviolet. The product range is available in various colours.

Eco Cover has its own laboratory and full cycle production in the Moscow region. The quality of products is strictly controlled at all stages of production.

Leading industry universities in the country, as well as foreign institutes, cooperate with the company. For example, the Dresden Technical University.

Eco Cover is a regular participant in various exhibitions in the Russian capital - Legprom, Agroprom, Sports Industry, Hunting and Fishing, etc.