Tyumen Pribor

Tyumen Pribor

The Company is one of the leading companies in the country in the segment of complex automation of objects of any complexity, from technological installation to smart cities.

Founded in 2002, Tyumen Pribor provides a full range of services for the development of automated systems of any complexity and their implementation at industrial and manufacturing enterprises of various industries, including oil and gas and power engineering.

The Company conducts its business in several areas at once. For example, the company produces automated process control systems (PCS) and instrumentation. It also provides services in installation and commissioning.

The company's functionality is not limited to this - Tyumen Instrument independently develops and then configures the software, provides service, maintenance and warranty services.

Another vector of the company's activity is the training and education of specialists.

The important difference between the company is that it ensures the safety of facilities for people and the environment.

Every month Tyumen Instrument manufactures about one hundred automatic control systems and 300 control and measuring devices.