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One of the leading companies in the Russian Federation providing media localization services
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The company Cyrillica, founded in 2009 by producer and director Valery Dovbnya, is one of the leading companies in the Russian Federation, providing its services to localize media.

As the industry develops and is competitive, the company expands its professional boundaries every year. Today the list of services includes: localization of media content into Russian in Moscow and into foreign languages in partner studios around the world, localization of games, as well as various services related to the technical side of video production.
Cyrillica provides content localization in more than 25 languages of the world.

Content localization in

more than 25languages

Media content localization

Localization is the translation and cultural adaptation of material to the characteristics of a particular country, region or population. Its main purpose is the correct perception of the material. 

Cyrillica identifies several localization options that are suitable for certain customer requests - dubbing, redubbing, recasting, voice-over, subtitling.


It is a full-fledged localization process where the translated text not only coincides in timing with the actors' replicas, but also corresponds to their articulation, emotions, etc..


A simplified form of dubbing where dubbing of voiced material does not coincide completely (for example, synchronism at dubbing is observed at the beginning or at the end of a phrase).

Recasting is a kind of golden mean in quality of performance between dubbing and sounding.



Voice-over - during voice-over the viewer hears the translated replicas together with the original ones. Thanks to a highly simplified process, this localization option allows to work with large volumes.

Subtitling is the simplest and least expensive type of localization, where adapted translation of material is performed. Since this option does not imply voicing, the text depicted on the screen should be readable and easy to understand. 

Localization of games

In 2015, Cyrillica launched a new service for localization of games. As well as media localization, game localization adapts content and translation for cultural and lexical specifics of a certain country. 


In addition to localization of video material, the company also provides a number of technical services when working with video - restoration, upscale, conversion and content protection.

Upscaling - adaptation of video content to high-resolution screens (with image quality preservation). 

Converting - change the file format with saving all functions and properties for further work. 

Digital Content Protection - help in preventing illegal use of the product. 

Company profit is

as of 2019
74 million rubles

Over the last three years, the company's annual turnover grew by 20%, from 62 million rubles in 2017 to 74 million rubles in 2019. The company's net profit also increased by 25% - from 815 thousand rubles in 2017 to 1 million rubles in 2019.

Exhibitions and forums

In August 2019, the founder of Cyrillica Valery Dovbnya made a presentation on Specifics of Audiovisual Translation at the European Forum in the field of translation and localization - Translation Forum Russia.


Cyrillica works with the largest holdings in the media market: Disney, Discovery, Mtv, Netflix, Amediateka, Paramount Comedy, Sony, Gazprom-Media, STS, Friday and many others. 

Moscow hosts five operating studios for audio-visual content dubbing in the Russian language. Cyrillica also cooperates with partner offices around the world, which allows Russian producers to promote their content at the international level. 

The company has over

500localized projects

From 2017 to 2019, the company's net profit increased by 20%

The company is engaged in localization of content in more than 25 languages

Since 2015 Cyrillica began to provide localization services for games


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