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Since 2007 SpecPozhTech company has been producing unique, unparalleled Sogda heat shields and fire protection barriers, which are successfully used at many oil and gas complex facilities.
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Since 2007 SpecPozhTech company has been producing unique, unparalleled Sogda heat shields and fire protection barriers, which are successfully used at many oil and gas complex facilities.

Sogda barriers and shields, produced according to innovative technology, provide protection of people and equipment from thermal impact. The design of shields consists of a metal frame and mesh panels, between which the nozzles of the original design is specially sprayed water. To date, barriers and shields are widely used in operational units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense, the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. They are also actively used at various facilities of the oil and gas complex of the country, including Gazprom, Oil Company Rosneft, Lukoil Oil Company and others.

SpecPozhTech holds a confident position on the firefighting equipment market. Know-how products are protected by a number of patents in Russia and abroad.

Barriers and shields can withstand temperatures Экраны выдерживают температуру

and reduce heat flows by 50 times
up to 1800ºC

Shields applications

SpecPozhTech produces portable, mobile and stationary models of shields.
The shields can be used to extinguish fires in gas, oil, fuel, chemical, nuclear, forestry,
woodworking industries, power generation facilities, metallurgy and machine building
enterprises, in residential and office premises; they can be used on fires in mines, automobile
and railway tunnels, subways, for rescue of air passengers by means of a fireproof ladder, for
fire extinguishing on sea platforms and ships. 


Weakening of thermal radiation by 50 times

It provides protection of people and equipment from thermal impact even on very strong fires, reduces the time of extinguishing by approaching the fireplace and the most effective use of fire extinguishing and cooling agents, reduces the consumption of these substances.

Full protection against open flames

This creates the possibility of evacuating people from the fire zone through corridors made of shields, as well as the installation of fences that stop the spread of fire.

Unlimited time of operation in case of fires

Removes restrictions on the time of operation of people and equipment in case of extreme heat radiation and fire exposure.

Partial transparency for light radiation

It provides visibility of burning objects through the shield, which allows you to assess the situation in the burning zone and make operational decisions.


1. Sogda 1A heat protection shield

Equipped with wheels, the shield is designed to protect firefighters performing combat operations, rescue and emergency operations from heat radiation.

For moving shield equipped with wheels. They can be deliverd to the fire scene in converted fire truck.

2. Heat shield Sogda 2A

It is designed to protect the operator of the carriage shaft from extreme heat flows.

It is installed on stationary carriage shaft at the enterprises of oil and gas, fuel, chemical and other industries. 

3. Heat shield Sogda 3

Mobile shield, designed to protect firefighters, equipment and personnel from thermal radiation. The design of the shield allows the use of manual fire barrels for extinguishing.

With the help of the shield it is possible to mount heat protection walls or corridors for safe evacuation of people from the fire zone.

4. Heat shield Sogda 4

It is used for works on liquidation of accidents at gas and oil fountains, as well as for mechanical protection of personnel from possible damage by wreckage of technological equipment at explosion or gas emission. 

5. Heat shield Sogda 1B

Portable folding shield, designed for individual protection against heat flow of a firefighter, performing combat operations with a manual fire barrel.

Low weight and compactness of the shield make it the most convenient protective means when extinguishing fires in multi-storey buildings and structures, as well as in open terrain.

6. Sogda fire barriers

The barriers provide localization of fire with the temperature up to 1800 ⁰С, withstand heat fluxes over 220 kW/m2, do not collapse during explosions, because the blast wave passes through the mesh, water films are formed again because of the atomized liquid, and the barriers continue to protect against fire. They are used for dividing the internal volume of the premises into fire compartments and allow reducing the distance between fire hazardous objects.

They are used for fire protection of tanks with oil products (used for fencing the containers with extinguishing agent). They are irreplaceable on offshore oil and gas platforms, marine vessels. They can be used to create safety islands for personnel (passengers) who cannot leave the offshore platform or ship in case of fire.

Barriers can be used to fire protection of tanks for petroleum derivative with capacity

up to 20,000 m3

7. Mobile fire extinguishing complex with Sogda shield

It is intended for localization and extinguishing of the ignition point at the initial stage by the personnel of the fire hazardous facility before the arrival of firefighting units.

It is equipped with a heat protection shield and primary fire extinguishing means. shield can be irrigated with water from external water supply source or operate in autonomous mode.

Plans for the future

Production technologies of heat shields are continuously improved in accordance with the needs of consumers, which increases the customer focus of the company and contributes to its productive growth. The company has the potential to expand new markets both in Russia and abroad, which is one of the main objectives of the company. The following objectives have been identified to achieve this objective:

  • Formation of the company's sustainable development strategy;
  • Attracting new customers;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the company;
  • Expansion of the marketing platform;
  • Participation in international exhibitions;
  • Constant improvement of production technologies and products in order to expand the scope of application of shields.

Company Facts

  1. SpecPozhTech manufactures portable, mobile and stationary shield models. 
  2. The Sogda shields provide a 50-times heat flux reduction due to thermophysical and optical effects and allow the user to localize the flame with a temperature of up to 1800°C.
  3. SpecPozhTech on the market more than 13 years.
  4. Know-how products are protected by a number of patents in Russia and abroad.


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