Russian developer and manufacturer of manual inspection metal detectors Sphinx was founded in 1992 by former leading employees (scientists, designers, technologists) of the Research Institute of Introscopy of Moscow Scientific-Industrial Association Spectrum.

The firm produces search equipment, in particular, manual, portable and portable eddy current metal detectors (metal detectors), which are used in search and inspection activities to ensure the safety of events, public spaces, institutions and the search for engineering communications.

Hand-held metal detectors Sphinx

Sphinx has developed and mastered production of several dozens of models (and their modifications) of highly efficient eddy current metal detectors with original design and engineering solutions, functionality built on modern element base. 

"Sphinx OKO"

The newest development of Sphinx is the inspection control system Sphinx OKO (Objective Operator Control) built into metal detectors. The inspection control system of Sphinx OKO has become the newest tool in the field of security of various objects and activities, which has no analogues.

Today, Sphinx has an extensive network of dealers and distributors in many cities of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States countries. You can buy hand-held metal detectors from official partners operating in Moscow, Samara, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, and the Commonwealth of Independent States countries, as well as in online stores, where you can make an order to other countries in the world. 

Regular customers of Sphinx products are law enforcement agencies, private security companies, schools, hospitals and other institutions and organizations. In total, thousands of handheld metal detectors manufactured during the years of the company's operation are successfully used at various checkpoints, roadblocks and other guarded facilities for many years. 

All models of handheld metal detectors, metal detectors for security inspections are developed and manufactured in Moscow, Russia.


For today the company assortment includes: microprocessor manual inspection metal detectors, metal detectors (the models SPHINX VM-311, VM-611X, VM-612, VM-611 VIKHR and their modifications), as well as metal detector, manhole detector for search of engineering communications (manhole covers, gate valves) VM-911, VM-901.

In addition, the company produces handheld inspection metal detectors Sphinx, designed for security in law enforcement agencies, schools, hospitals and transport to detect prohibited items such as firearms and cold weapons, grenades, knives and others. Sphinx metal detectors are also used to control theft of manufactured, mined or stored products from enterprises. 

The devices are built on a microprocessor base and have the world's best detection characteristics of metal objects in a wide temperature range and are able to effectively solve detection problems at a high level of electromagnetic interference. Also Sphinx metal detectors have the best performance on power consumption. 

There have been manufactured more than
250 000metal
Since 1992 in Russia

Due to its advantages, Sphinx metal detectors are widely used to ensure the security of various objects and are in demand not only in Russia but also exported around the world.

The cost of metal detectors is kept at a minimum level thanks to the creation of products in Russia's own production, as well as original design and schematic solutions. Sphinx specialists apply innovative microprocessor-based signal processing technology, which ensures the best detection performance in the world. 

All manual metal detectors are protected by copyright certificates and patents, certificates for industrial samples, certified by bodies of Rosstandart according to GOST R standard and a number of industry certification centers (MCA, MIA, etc.).

4 facts:

1. The newest developments in the field of metal detectors creation.

2. Wide distribution network in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

3. Production of various types of metal detectors for almost 30 years.

4. Successful protection of events and organizations.


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+7 495 150-09-06