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AKVION is a Russian pharmaceutical company specializing in unique products for a healthy lifestyle.
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AKVION is a Russian pharmaceutical company specializing in unique products for a healthy lifestyle.

Today the company's portfolio includes about 50 product names. They belong to different categories: medical products, biologically active food additives, cosmetic products, as well as substances for food and cosmetic industry. Forms of production are also very diverse: tablets and capsules, powders for beverages, gels in sticks, sprays, drops, patches, gels for outdoor use, etc.

The company AKVION also brings to market vitamin and mineral complexes for daily intake under the brand AKVION Daily, as well as a line of premium vitamin and mineral complexes to take care of appearance and support an active lifestyle.

The most popular products of the company are: Dyshi Oil, plaster-inhalator Dyshi, Speroton, Pregnoton Mama, Mense, a line of Zhidkij Ugol (Liquid Coal).

Many products undergo clinical trials in the leading medical institutions of the country in compliance with all norms and requirements, including passing the ethics committee. Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of the products, allow them to expand their scope of application, and are an important tool for interaction with the medical community and increase consumer confidence. AKVION strives to produce all its own products as useful, efficient, safe and convenient as possible. 

AKVION and its products were awarded numerous awards and diplomas for their contribution to the development of national medicine.

The company has been working in the Russian market since 2002. During this time, the specialists of AKVION have created several dozens of original drugs, which have received wide recognition among consumers and professionals.The products help to solve problems arising during the cold season, support the health of the reproductive system, preserve beauty and youth, care for the proper growth and development of children.


AKVION began its activity with the development of a unique microencapsulation technology, which allowed the production of water-soluble beta-carotene Vetoron, and a few years later the easily digestible Q10 - Qudesan. At the same time, a revolutionary complex ALFAVIT was developed and patented, which was the first in the world to implement scientists' recommendations for joint and separate intake of micronutrients. In 2006 the company successfully entered the foreign markets.

In 2011, the company introduced a record number of new products to the market, in connection with which a modern Customer Relationship Management system was introduced.

In 2012, AKVION transferred the rights to brands AKVION, Vetoron, Qudesan and other companies to the manufacturer Recordati (Italy). This was done in order to focus on new areas that have become non-drug therapy, prevention of Open Data Science, support for the health of the reproductive system of men and women. 

In addition, a line of products Dyshi based on essential oils was released. The compositions of some products are patented. Then came Speroton and Pregnoton for competent preparation for conception, which won the trust of both specialists and consumers. Both lines were rapidly developing. 

At the same time, the company began to develop products in other niches - digestive system health, specialized nutrition, health support for various problems and conditions, combating age-related changes.

Created and introduced to the market more than

100types of products

Own technological laboratory

To meet the needs for its own scientific research and development of original formulations, in 2017 the company established its own technological laboratory - the Development and Innovation Centre. Highly qualified specialists and scientists in various fields - medics, pharmacists, food and pharmaceutical technologists - were attracted to work in this laboratory.

Over the past 9 years more than

50 clinical trials of own product were conducted

Innovative production

All company products are manufactured in Russia or European Union countries (Poland, Slovenia). The main production site is the pharmaceutical company VTF, which is one of the most modern in Russia, both in terms of equipment and organization of production. The VTF company fully meets international standards of the industry.

At present, VTF company is one of the leaders of the Russian pharmaceutical market for health products and medicines.

Distribution and Export

Today the products of the company AKVION are supplied to almost all regions of Russia, represented in most major pharmacy chains and on the largest domestic Internet sites, such as, Ozon, Wildberries, etc.

Export is an important part of sales. For many years the products of the AKVION are supplied to the countries of near and far abroad. The plans are to establish supplies to the largest countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Middle East and North Africa. In 2019, the AKVION entered the market of East Asia. The products began to be supplied to Mongolia and Vietnam. The plans are to establish supplies to the largest countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Middle East and North Africa.

Main facts

1. More than 100 types of products have been created and introduced to the market.

2. Development of original compositions and other scientific researches are conducted in the own technological laboratory - the Development and Innovation Centre.

3. Over the past 9 years, more than 50 clinical trials of own products were conducted with the participation of 3500 people.

4. AKVION products are supplied to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Vietnam. 


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