Lighting Technologies

Lighting Technologies, established in 1998, is the largest manufacturer and supplier of modern energy efficient lighting solutions in Russia and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Lighting Technologies is among the five leading companies in its sector in Russia. High-tech production facilities, its own industrial design office, as well as a staff of highly qualified Research & Development specialists allow the company to find promising innovative developments and present them in the markets of Europe, Middle East and Asia.


Scale and capacity of the enterprise, availability of own industrial design office, staff of highly qualified specialists, as well as cooperation with leading designers from Great Britain and Germany, allows the company to carry out a full cycle of product creation - from idea to implementation.

All enterprises of the company are equipped with the most modern equipment. 

Including production capabilities include an aluminum die-cast shop, surface mount technology, factories for the production of lamps and spotlights, the manufacture of electronic components (power supplies, controllers, micromodules, printed circuit boards (surface mounted device), its own testing laboratory, Research & Developement department, as well as a dedicated shop for the production of custom-made lamps and products - the so-called studio of lighting solutions. Production of light elements and models of the company is carried out using high quality materials. 

Constant development, search for new solutions, updating of production equipment on time request allow the company to produce world quality products.

The total production area is


Lapino Clinical Hospital, Moscow region Photo: Lapino Clinical Hospital, Moscow region
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow Photo: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow

The catalog of Lighting Technologies includes more than 9 thousand modifications of the luminaires. These are luminaires for offices and industrial buildings, outdoor and decorative lighting, emergency and explosion-proof luminaires, spotlights, lamps for medical rooms, including wall lights for dental offices. 

The range also includes unique developments in hardware (programmable power supplies, customizable user interfaces, learning control and energy management algorithms, predictive analytics, integration into Internet of Things and other services), as well as its own proprietary electronics within the import substitution direction (drivers, optical systems (lenses) of European quality level).

The creation of products is carefully controlled at each stage

The selection of the best materials and components for the production of lighting equipment, testing of finished products in our own laboratory. 

The company's approach to production is dictated by the principle of sustainable development. It consists not only in following the latest trends, but also in implementing eco-efficient technologies in order to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance of the product range and its compliance with the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (The world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings). The quality characteristics of the company's products are not inferior to their Western counterparts, but at the same time they are notable for their advantageous cost.

The products are sold through distributors and dealers, including the largest wholesale lighting and electrical companies in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.


The company is a leader in Moscow in its field, and is also one of the top five companies in its sector in Russia. 

The annual turnover of Lighting Technologies is about 4.8 billion rubles, while the net profit reaches about 160 million rubles. The demand for Lighting Technologies' products is growing annually both in the Russian and international markets. Over the last three years the sales growth has grown by 6-10%.

The annual export turnover is
One of the five leaders in its sector in Russia
The catalog of goods includes more than 9 thousand modifications of lamps for ordinary and special use.
Application of eco-efficient technologies
Annual turnover exceeds
4.8 billion rubles

Lighting Technologies
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