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Infaprim is a Russian company founded in 2002. Its main activities are production and wholesale of food for children and adults.
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Infaprim is a Russian company founded in 2002. Its main activities are production and wholesale of food for children and adults.

Infaprim manufactures products in the following categories:

  • Child nutrition for healthy children (dry and liquid mixtures, porridges) and specialized nutrition for children with special nutritional needs (lactase insufficiency, digestive disorders, food allergies, premature and small children, etc.);
  • Dietary therapeutic nutrition for children with genetic diseases, including phenylketonuria;
  • Enteral nutrition for children from 3 years old and adults with various diseases (gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, diabetes, etc.);
  • Nutrition for pregnant and lactating women;
  • Sports nutrition for children.


Infaprim produces products under 7 brands: 

  • Nutrilak
  • Nutrien
  • Nutrisport
  • Vinni
  • Aphenylak
  • Nutrigen
  • NutriMa

Its priority is the development of the domestic baby food industry, including specialized, therapeutic and clinical nutrition.

Infaprim is the holder of

for the development of specialized products and ways to obtain them
12 patents

The company's range of products diversed, including: infant formulas, baby porridges, nutrition for pregnant and lactating women, enteral nutrition for children and adults, dietetic therapeutic nutrition for children with genetic diseases and other specialized foods. At the same time, some specialized therapeutic products, for example, intended for enteral feeding, are unique in the Russian market, as they have no analogues.

The company range of products includes more than

130 items

The company cooperates only with reliable suppliers, world industry leaders that provide scientifically proven and safe ingredients for the production of the company's products: 

  • DSM Nutritional Products (Switzerland)
  • CHR Hansen (Denmark)
  • Fonterra (New Zealand, England)
  • Du pont (USA)
  • La Cristina (Argentina)
  • Cargill (USA)
  • Boquette (France)
  • Arla (Denmark)

In addition, the company cooperates with leading manufacturers of packaging for the production of dry dairy mixtures and liquid products:

  • GEA
  • Tetra Pak
  • OMAG
  • Inemur
  • Schmucker


1. Full production cycle

The company has the only enterprise in Russia and Eastern Europe with full production cycle. It is equipped with modern equipment of the world's leading companies, capable of providing fraction processing of raw materials, regulation of mineral and amino acid compositions, packaging in various high-quality packaging materials. 

The company has implemented a block-modular principle of building technological schemes of production, which simultaneously with the traditional technological processes used such processes as ultra- and diafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, providing the production of products of a given composition, both in dry and liquid form. 

2. Own laboratory

Own laboratory operates at the production facility. Quality and microbiological safety control of both raw materials and finished products is carried out during the whole production cycle. The most stringent requirements are made to the quality of products; they are checked on more than 150 indicators. 

The company has its own scientific department that allows to accelerate the cycle of development, approbation, industrial development and launch of the finished product of any category of complexity on the market, which creates an opportunity to quickly solve a number of the most pressing social problems associated with specialized nutrition. The company is certified according to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points quality system and international quality standard ISO 9001:2015. The company's products are modern and competitive. 

3. Eco-oriented

At the same time, the production complex itself is environmentally oriented. The production uses cardboard packaging, which is manufactured from responsible sources and has the Forest Stewardship council certificate, is easily recycled.

The factory has reduced Carbon monoxide emissions

by 25 %


Infaprim products are presented in all regions of Russia, and since 2004 they have been supplied to all of the Commonwealth of Independent States countries: Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Belarus and Moldova. In the nearest future it is planned to increase deliveries to these countries more than twice. 

At the same time, Infaprim is interested in developing exports and entering new markets where there are potential buyers. Priority directions are Africa and Middle East countries. Since 2019, the company has been working in this direction to establish supplies to Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, UAE and Vietnam. 

The annual turnover of the company is more than

about 40% of which is the share of exports
3 billion rubles

The company owns

for the development of specialized products and ways to obtain them

Infaprim is the only enterprise in Russia with full production circle of breast milk substitutes and specialized nutrtion for children and adults

The factory is unparalleled in its flexibility and multifunctionality

Infaprim is the holder of the Exporter of the Year Award


Russia, Moscow, 2, ulitsa Marshala Rybalko, Building 8
+7 495 989-24-15
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