Modern Foundry Technologies (SLT)

Modern Foundry Technologies (SLT) is a foundry engineering company founded in 2012.

The company has the necessary competence, licenses and certificates to provide a full range of engineering services - from design to commissioning of the foundry and reaching the design capacity. The company also supplies equipment and tools. SLT is one of the five best enterprises in Russia in its sector, the company's market shares in terms of services provided is over 30%.

SLT activity

SLT can offer its customers individual and most effective solutions, as the company has a successful eight-year experience in creating new foundry facilities for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as working closely with leading scientific and production organizations of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.

The company's mission is to improve the efficiency of production processes at existing and newly established facilities through an individual approach, in-depth analysis and application of the most advanced technologies and equipment in the field of foundry production.


SLT provides consulting and engineering services, integrated project implementation services, as well as equipment supply and start-up and adjustment services.

SLT's consulting services will help customers optimize and improve the performance of machine building companies and foundries, thanks to its extensive experience in innovative engineering.


SLT's approach to project implementation is individual and as comprehensive as possible, according to the everything from a single source concept. 

SLT carries out projects on delivery and commissioning of all foundry equipment: moulding equipment, melting equipment, shot peening equipment, gas cleaning equipment, injection moulding equipment, coke ovens, shaking presses, sand-gravel aggregate moulding lines, sand preparation equipment, semi-automatic moulding sections.

The company's net profit increased to

SLT's net profit has almost doubled over the last three years, from 21.6 million rubles in 2017 to 40.1 million rubles in 2019. 

At the same time, there was a significant increase in net profit in 2018 due to the closure of two major projects, which amounted to 91.4 million rubles.


Export turnover of Modern Foundry Technologies (SLT) for 2017 was about 26 million rubles, in 2018 - about 15 million rubles, at the end of 2019 - 4.5 million rubles. In 2020, the export turnover of SLT was 8.6 million rubles. In the near future, the company's management intends to reach the turnover under the concluded contracts in the amount not less than 50 million rubles.

Initially, the focus of SLT's export markets was focused on the Commonwealth of Independent States due to similar regulations and laws, especially in terms of design and industry - it is easier to sell and implement engineering projects in these markets, without deep adaptation and long studies of the local regulatory framework.

The first export sale of SLT took place in Uzbekistan. After successful project implementation the company became more frequent and courageous to reach potential export customers.

Besides, the company started to take part in various international industry events, as well as to invite potential clients to Russia to demonstrate the implemented projects. Such activity has brought results - SLT's portfolio already includes a number of successful implemented export projects.


SLT's management also drew attention to the synergy effect of parallel development in both the domestic and export markets. For example, SLT has successfully implemented one project in the foundry, focusing on the railway industry in Uzbekistan, which served as a good example and encouraged several customers in Russia, producing similar products, to choose SLT as a contractor for similar projects. 

This model works and vice versa: the successfully implemented project in the field of casting for a mining and processing enterprise in Russia served as an impetus to conclude a contract with a similar enterprise abroad.


In the company's strategic development plans, SLT's management focuses on developing products and solutions focused on the 4.0 industry and digitalization of industry. According to the management, such solutions have a huge export potential, not only in the Commonwealth of Independent States, but also in European and foreign countries. 

For this reason, in the near future SLT intends to actively develop and invest in new products, as well as to adapt the marketing strategy of the company to promote these products both in the domestic and export markets.

SLT provides a full range of engineering services
The company carries out individual approach and deep analysis
The share of the company's products occupies over 30% of the domestic market
One of the
5 Russian enterprises in its sector

SLT applies the most advanced technologies and equipment in the field of foundry production


Modern Foundry Technologies (SLT)
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