Moscow company SKB TELSI provides a range of services for the development, production and delivery of integrated communication systems for various purposes, which are used in health care institutions, in barrier-free environments, for the organization of dispatching communications, as well as in elevators and transport.

All components of personnel call systems, including consoles, intercoms and software, are designed and manufactured at the company's facility in Moscow under its own brands - GETCALL and HOSTCALL. All works on creation of the equipment are carried out in close contact with representatives of interested structures that allows developers of SKB TELSI to consider all requirements of customers. SKB TELSI is the leader in its segment in Russia and actively sells its products in Europe and Asia.


The main products of SKB TELSI are the personnel call systems for medical institutions under the brand name HostCall. At present, the fourth generation of room alarm systems is supplied.

The ward alarm system HostCall-CMP is designed for installation in medical rooms of hospitals. Patients can send a call to a nurse's post by pressing the alarm button installed in the ward. The nurse, in turn, can accept the call in three ways: on a remote control, on a smartphone or on a button cell phone as a text message. 

In addition to the call button, the patient's room can be equipped with an intercom, with which it is possible to establish a voice communication with the post nurse. Call buttons are available in two modifications: radio and digital buttons, which transmit signals over the wires. Radio buttons allow you to reduce the time and cost of installation, but require regular battery replacement. When using digital wired buttons, the cost and time of installation increase, but the reliability of the system improves as well. 

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The second most important product of the company is GetCall voice dispatch system. This equipment is widely used both in elevator control room and as two-way communication systems with security zones of 4 and 5 categories.

Devices with capacity from 1 to 36 subscribers are used as consoles in GetCall dispatching system. Subscriber devices are represented by a wide range: telephone handsets, plastic and vandal-proof loudspeakers, street devices.

Over 13 thousand control points are equipped with dispatching systems per year: lifts, entrances and exits to administrative buildings, elevators and escalators.


Company's financial results

The company's net profit in 2018 is
48,3 million

The company's net profit from 2016 to 2018 has almost doubled, it has encreased from 27.1 million rubles to 48.3 million rubles. The company's revenue in 2018 amounted to more than 195 million rubles, while exports - almost 8 million rubles. 

The facts of the company

SKB TELSI is the leader in its segment on the territory of Russia;

The company is actively selling its products in Europe and Asia;

The demand for products is constantly growing due to a more attractive price formation compared to foreign counterparts;

The quality management system of the company is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.


Russia, Moscow, 25A, Varshavskoye shosse, building 1
+7 495 120-48-88