RusProdExport, founded in 2016, is a modern enterprise for the production, distribution and export of healthy and dietary food products.

The company's specialists have been professionally working in the food market since 2010, studying current trends in the world food markets and actively introducing new formulas and technologies into production. Today products can be purchased both offline and in online stores such as Wildberries, Ozon, Beru, Samokat and others.

RusProdExport has created a unique healthy and delicious breakfast, accessible to all. Thanks to the choice of production with a high degree of processing, the company was able to obtain competitive products both on the domestic and foreign market.

The company regularly participates in major international specialized exhibitions. RusProdExport builds distribution, develops competitive marketing strategy on the level of international players, creating conditions for comfortable mutually beneficial cooperation.

For example, in 2019, as part of the international food exhibition SIAL China-2019 in Shanghai, the company signed a contract with Chinese partners to supply products of its own production - muesli, flakes, granola. The cost of the contract was about half a million dollars. 

The company's production capacity of finished products is more than
25 tons per month

RusProdExport is constantly introducing innovative technologies in production to keep up with the times and create delicious and at the same time useful products that can convince everyone that the right food can be varied and affordable for everyone. 

Many of the company's products are developed in collaboration with leading scientists in the Russian food industry. First of all, the company's specialists pay attention to the naturalness of raw materials, the use of the newest technologies, control of all stages of production. 

Used raw materials (cereals, fruits, nuts) undergo a multi-level cleaning, while the technology allows you to save vitamins and minerals, making breakfasts from RusProdExport as tasty and healthy as possible.

All this together allows the company to offer the client a product of high quality and excellent taste.

RusProdExport produces more than
30kinds of dry breakfasts
in different types of packaging

1. Crunchy Granola Verestovo

These are Crunchy Granola Verestovo of several kinds - with peach, apple, cranberry, pumpkin seeds; with walnut, prunes, ginger; with banana, raspberry, cocoa-flavored balloons; with strawberry, apple, pumpkin seeds, as well as muesli with flavors Papaya, pineapple and pumpkin seeds, Apricot, apple and melon, Cherry, grapes and cranberry.

2. Verestovo Porridges

In addition, the company's assortment includes Verestovo Porridges made of whole-grain oatmeal flakes, intended for instant preparation, with flavors Apricot and Pumpkin, Berry Cocktail, Cherry and Almond. All porridges contain no flavor enhancers and colorants - the flavor is achieved by the aroma of natural fruits and berries. Besides, the company produces oatmeal and rye flakes.

RusProdExport Products


By increasing the production volume and constantly modernizing it, increases its productivity by several times, which allows to promote the Russian product not only in its own country, but also abroad. Already now the products of RusProdExport are presented in most regions of Russia and are also supplied to Kazakhstan and China.

A modern enterprise for production and sale of healthy food products
The company's products are supplied to Kazakhstan and China
Offer new and innovative product produced in Russia
Every month produces products more than
25 tons

Russia, Moscow, Shchelkovskoe shosse, Building 108
+7 903 700-85-90