ALROSA Technology

ALROSA Technology develops and manufactures high-tech equipment for verifying the authenticity of diamonds in order to protect the natural diamond market.

ALROSA Technology (Diamond STC) is a part of the Public Joint Stock Company ALROSA. In 2018, the company introduced ALROSA Diamond Inspector, the first domestic handheld diamond identification device capable of identifying natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds, polished diamonds and non-diamond imitations such as fianites, mouassanites, etc

ALROSA Diamond Inspector


ALROSA Diamond Inspector is a portable device (15x25x10 cm) with just one button, which, using three analytical methods, can determine the authenticity of a diamond in less than a minute and display the results of the analysis, as well as send them to print. The device is able to check the diamonds individually and in jewelry.

The device is able to determine: cut and uncut natural diamonds (if there is at least one flat facet), polished diamonds, nondiamond imitations (including mouassanites, fianites, rock crystal, spinel, amethyst, etc.), as well as cut synthetic diamonds grown using high temperature high pressure or chemical vapor deposition technologies.

For successful testing, the weight of a stone must be between 0.03 and 10 carats, the diamond itself may be of any traditional cut shape (Kr-57, marquis, pear, oval, heart, princess, etc.) and its color must be in the range from D to J (according to the international valuation system of Gemological Institute of America).

The device itself is produced in metal case, its weight is 3.1 kg. It does not require an Internet connection or a computer, runs on power through an adapter or an external battery. It can be connected to a computer to display and print the analysis results.



The company's annual turnover is about 15.5 million rubles. Net profit for the last three years increased 24 times and amounted to 751 thousand rubles in 2017, 9.8 million rubles in 2018 and 18.3 million rubles at the end of 2019.


To date, the company's export activity accounts for 52% of total sales. In 2020-2021 the company's management plans to reach the indicator of export activity in 70%.

The annual export turnover of ALROSA Technology reached

Plans for the future

Since the market both in Russia and abroad has shown a high interest in the instruments of ALROSA Technology for the identification of precious stones, the company in the coming months plans to release new instruments with enhanced functionality in addition to ALROSA Diamond Inspector. The main device will be offered to the customer a number of devices, each of which has unique characteristics and complements the work of the entire product line.

Facts about the company

  • The annual turnover of the company is about 15.5 million rubles;
  • Export activity accounts for 52% of total sales;
  • The company took part in more than 15 international exhibition events for the last year, as a result of which it keeps in touch with more than 1000 representatives of the industry;
  • ALROSA Technology is a leader on the Russian market in its sector.

ALROSA Technology
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