Star Smile

Innovative company Star Smile, founded in 2011, works in the field of orthodontics - designs and produces clear aligners with the latest unique computer software using modern technology, which provides products with maximum precision in manufacturing.
The company provides a range of services for bite treatment and dental alignment with the help of clear aligners, including their production, 3D modeling and planning of patient treatment.

Star Smile is the leader in the market of aligner manufacturers in Russia: the company is the second in the market by sales and takes the first place by the number of produced simulations. On the account of Star Smile there are more than 50 thousand completed cases of treatment with the help of aligners.
Star Smile is distinguished from other companies by its virtual simulation of the treatment process, as well as its own production technology, registered by one of the U.S. federal executive departments - Food and Drug Administration. In addition, the company has its own network of clinics and school, where specialists from different countries are trained in production technology and work with aligners.
The aligners are transparent and almost invisible to the teeth Photo: The aligners are transparent and almost invisible to the teeth
Each pair of aligners is individually packed Photo: Each pair of aligners is individually packed

Manufacturing process

Dental alignment with the clear aligners is a process that consists of several steps. At the beginning, a jaw cast or a scanned digital model of the patient's teeth is created. Then, on the basis of the data obtained, a virtual simulation of the results is performed using a special program where the trajectory of the teeth is traced. The patient can see the results of the procedure at the very beginning of treatment. After that, a tooth row is printed on a 3D printer for each stage of treatment. There can be from 1 to 100 stages, depending on the complexity of a particular case. The final stage is the production of thermo-vacuum forming of each of the models - the production of aligners.

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Since 2015 the company's revenue has grown 11.4 times from 26.3 million to 300 million rubles per year


In 2014, the company's founder Vladimir Lutsenko together with an OrthoCad employee Nir Danai established the company eXceed in Estonia and began offering 3D braces positioning services, as the technology for printing braces and aligners is very similar. So the company began to develop in Europe. The concept of work was that the clinics would purchase 3D printers, and the company would deal with calculations using its own software 3D-positioning. eXceed was gradually expanding and gaining a client base in different countries in Europe and Asia, but the main client country is the United States. Today, the organization works with clinics around the world, including such countries as: USA, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Brazil, South Korea, UK, Slovakia, Italy, Poland and others. The company's export turnover is more than 70 million rubles a year.

In parallel with the foreign brand, Star Smile has developed in the Russian market and achieved certain success.

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Has been operating since 2011
Takes first place among Russian aligner manufacturers
Since 2015, the company's annual turnover has grown 11.4 times
Provides its services to more than
11 countries of the world

Star Smile
Russia, Moscow, 73, Volokolamskoe shosse
+7 495 191-36-01