The company TIM.Co is a Russian producer of oriental sweets church-hela (chuch-hela) under its own trademark Madjo. This product can be called a retro innovation - the candy, made according to an ancient recipe, organically blended with modern trends in healthy eating.

Churchhela is a soft oriental candy based on natural juice, flour and nuts, which is a traditional dish of the Transcaucasian countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), and in Russia is produced in the regions bordering with Georgia - North Caucasus, in particular, North Ossetia. The company cooks church-hela by traditional recipes, giving priority to local natural raw materials.

Church-helas are filled with walnuts, hazelnuts or a combination of nuts and dried fruits. Church-hela filling is made on the basis of grape, pomegranate, cherry or apricot juice. Vacuum packaging keeps the product fresh and protects it from external influences.

The advantages of the company are:

  • high quality raw materials (nuts, juices);
  • absence of preservatives and flavor additives in the composition;
  • minimal sugar content - only for smoothing the sweetness of natural juice;
  • is produced in accordance with the GOST standard;
  • bright and stylish packaging, high quality design and printing.

History of the company's origin

TIM.Co CEO Larisa Dauyeva spent her childhood in the Georgian town of Rustavi, near Tbilisi, and in the summer she went to a small Ossetian village on the Georgian Military Road in the mountains, which is exactly in the middle between Georgia and Ossetia. It was her childhood memories - nature, mountains and grandmother's cooking (kada, Ossetian pies, church-hela) - that formed the basis of her Madjo brand.

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The products of Madjo brand are in the range of products for healthy eating, because they are made only from natural ingredients and contain no preservatives.  


Under the brand name Madjo you can find five kinds of church-hela: walnut grapes, church-hela with hazelnut grapes, church-hela with walnut pomegranate, church-hela with walnut cherry, church-hela with walnut and prune apricots.

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Church-hela is cooked using fruit or berry juice. The juice is boiled, a small amount of sugar is added if necessary, then wheat flour is added and heated while stirring continuously until the desired thickening is achieved. Nuts strung on a string are immersed in the ready mass. Immersion of the nuts is repeated until a layer of mass with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm is formed. Dry the church-hela in the drying closet for 24 hours. The finished church-hela is packaged and vacuumed. Then place in a branded cardboard box.


All products of the brand Madjo can be purchased in online stores (on the official website of the company, as well as on the marketplaces OZON, Beru, GOODS), as well as from the partners of the company: Perekrestok, UTKONOS, Fruit Mail, Fresh, SeasonMarket, RusSlad, Tomato & Cucumber, GreenGo, Barn, Green Shop, BioTochka, Obedenika.



In May 2020, TIM.Co concluded its first export contract with an American company for 20 thousand dollars.

In addition to expanding the geography of products, the management of the company also intends in the near future to expand the range matrix and develop a gluten-free product line.

4 facts:

1. TIM.Co has two own registered trademarks: Madjo (verbal name) and pictorial designation (unique package design).

2. All products of the company are manufactured without the addition of preservatives.

3. All the company's products are made of local nuts, which grow in an ecologically clean area of North Ossetia.

4. The products of Madjo, according to the rating of one of the largest marketplaces in Russia - OZON, belongs to the category of products bestseller, and has the largest number of positive feedback from customers.


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