Argentov has been producing and selling unique handmade jewelry for over 20 years.

Stylistic solutions of products are distinguished by their variety - from classic to modern design. Products of this brand adorn collections of jewelry connoisseurs of art around the world. Since its foundation, the Jewelry House was able not only to develop collections of various directions, but also created a unique collection of museum level. The masters of the Jewelry House apply historical experience together with technological innovation in creating the products, trying to show with the greatest expressiveness all the beauty of the gemstone, finding a perfect frame in the Russian style.


Today, the company employs several dozens of artists and jewelers, who are headed and inspired by the founder of the brand Yaroslav Argentov. These specialists are united by high professionalism and reverent attitude to their work. Using modern equipment, they preserve and improve the ancient techniques of making Fabergé era jewelry.

Products of Argentov brand first of all differ by the individuality: production is created under own sketches, not following a fashion. The main object of the product is the stone, around which the concept of the product is already being built. 

The Jewelry House offers products that combine unique stones and virtuoso work of jewelers, both in a single copy and in various collections: modern classics, Italy, cameos, jewelry plastic, panagics, as well as various souvenirs and art objects.

Many of Argentov's items are marked by the Higher Expert Jewelry Board and are also collectible items.

About the art of intaglio

The art of intaglio is one of the oldest techniques of stone carving. There are two types of Italy - reverse and direct. The differences between the carving techniques are insignificant: the reverse intaglio is performed in a mirror reflection on the back side of a transparent stone, while the direct intaglio is carved on the front surface of a usually opaque or poorly transparent stone.  

The technology of intaglio creation has not changed over the millennia. Among technical innovations - electric drive, microscope, diamond tools, which only allowed to reduce the time of manufacture of the product. At present, it takes about one month to create an intaglio of 1 sq. cm. depending on the complexity of the drawing.

Suspension with inturium «AMUR» Photo: Suspension with inturium «AMUR»
Earrings with intaglios «MENUET» Photo: Earrings with intaglios «MENUET»

Reverse intaglios are items used either as inserts in jewelry or as independent pieces of art with collectible value.

Direct intaglio gives a true image, but requires constant monitoring of the depth of the carving with plasticine prints. This also applies to stamps - direct intaglios, made in a mirror reflection and carrying in addition to aesthetic value and pure application load. 

Jewelry created in a single copy
Unique handmade jewelry based on its own sketches
Many products of the Jewelry House are collectibles
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