For over 30 years InSAT company has been the largest supplier of software for automation and dispatching systems (SCADA-systems, SoftLogic-systems, OPC-servers, cloud solutions, etc.).

In addition, the company is engaged in the distribution of equipment of the leading brands of industrial automation and performs the development of automation and dispatching projects for various industries, as well as more than 15 years training specialists in working with software MasterSCADA. For this purpose, a training center was created on the basis of the company, which annually produces about 150 specialists.

Catalog of the company

The main product of InSAT is vertically integrated and object-oriented MasterSCADA software system, designed for development of automation systems and dispatching of technological and production processes. MasterSCADA allows developing projects of any scale and complexity - from local to large, geographically distributed systems. The list of MasterSCADA implementations includes tens of thousands of systems successfully working practically in all branches of industry in Russia, near and far abroad. 

In 2016. MasterSCADA was included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. MasterSCADA development environment is provided free of charge, only the execution environment is licensed - by the number of tags, visualization clients, as well as the necessary communication drivers.


Today the MasterSCADA line is represented by two platforms - MasterSCADA 3.x and MasterSCADA 4D.

The second most important product of the company is the communication gateway MasterOPC Server, designed for the integration of equipment and management systems. For its long history MasterOPC Server has managed to prove itself as a reliable and high-quality solution for automation and dispatching systems, allowing you to interrogate a wide range of equipment from well-known manufacturers.

MasterOPC software products are divided into two directions.

The first is Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server, a modular OPC server. This server provides the ability to survey devices on various protocols, the list of which is continuously updated. For users who have professional programming skills, the server provides the ability to support user protocols in C++ language, and for automation engineers - on the built-in scripting language.

The second direction - Modbus Universal MasterOPC Server, which allows you to survey the devices on the most common industrial data transfer protocol Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP. For this protocol, implemented superstructures that allow you to exchange information with remote devices, using the radio, the Global System for Mobile communication, dial-up telephone line, as well as Ethernet-COM converters. Also to the OPC-server is provided a set of ready-made configurations for different devices.

Partners of the company

As a major software provider, Insat is constantly evolving, improving its software products and the quality of its services. Cooperation with a huge number of different institutions, developers, manufacturers and consumers further increases the company's opportunities for development.

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4 facts:

1. The largest supplier of software for automation and dispatching systems.

2. MasterSCADA product is at the level of the best world standards.

3. Customers of the company are the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation.

4. The company has its own training center, which produces about 150 specialists annually.


Russia, Moscow 1, ulitsa Marshala Biryuzova, Building 3
+7 495 989-22-49