Karfidov Lab

The company Karfidov Lab, founded in 2014, is a research and development bureau that provides services in the development of industrial design of products, design documentation, enclosures and complex mechanical structures, as well as electronics, circuit design and development of circuit boards, programming, production of prototypes, piece goods, launch into mass production.

Over 200 projects have been completed and many products are already in the market.

The competitive advantage of Karfidov Lab is its specialists - 25 engineers, designers and designers in house. Due to their qualification, the company managed to come up with an optimal development strategy, using which prototypes of future products are as close as possible to serial products in terms of characteristics and aesthetic properties. 

Karfidov Lab, along with a few companies on the market, simultaneously owns design-industry tools, comprehensive engineering and knowledge of production technologies. The accumulated experience of work on different products for six years allows the company to broadcast the developments and technologies, know-how when working on new products.

By 2019, the company had occupied a quarter of the Russian industrial design market. Among the clients of Karfidov Lab there are representatives of both large businesses (Sberbank, Rosatom, Rostec, Concern VKO Almaz-Antey) and small start-ups.


About the product

Industrial design

Industrial design is one of the main activities of the company, aimed at researching the consumer and his needs, as well as developing a scenario of interaction between the user and the product, and in the future - the development of an ecosystem based on the product and software. Karfidov Lab puts the user in priority when developing new technical products, providing services for design research, development of a scenario of the future product, its visual part, as well as comprehensive design in computer aided design systems with the production of functional prototypes and putting products into mass production.

The main difficulty faced by Russian and foreign companies in launching a new product is the transition from design to technical design, from model to production. Karfidov Lab is successfully coping with such tasks. Besides, the company has created a new educational product Karfidov Course.

 This is the only full practical course in Russia on development of an innovative product from idea, research, sketch and technical design to launch into mass production. The course is held in the Moscow office of the company in full-time form, from 8 to 24 hours, depending on the needs of the team. 

The information is presented in an interactive format using real-life examples, with all lessons recorded on video. During the training, feedback is guaranteed and afterwards technical support is provided. The final presentation of the product is in the TED Talks format.


While solving the specific technical problems of several hundred customers and achieving the desired result, we saw a high need for technology companies to answer the questions that constantly arise in the course of their development. Having analyzed all the accumulated experience, we have collected in our practical course the most important aspects that constitute the essence of creating an innovative product. Our course is a great opportunity to turn your idea into a real product

Alexey Karfidov,
co-founder of "Karfidov Lab"
At the end of 2019, revenue amounted to

Net profit

Karfidov Lab's revenue doubled in three years: from 43 million rubles in 2017 and 51 million rubles in 2018 to 87 million rubles in 2019. The company management plans to close 2020 at the level of 180 million rubles.


The company's annual export turnover is about 2.4 million rubles. Revenue from export services grows annually by 20%.

Karfidov Lab also establishes relations with foreign partners. Thus, already now there are discussions of joint projects with the company HYVE AG from Munich, Germany, and established cooperation with the innovation industry in Austria - the company organized the introduction of the Austrian members of the INNOX network to the innovative environment of Russia. In addition, partners from China are involved in the company's projects. 


During the work, projects for customers from Great Britain, France, Germany, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Belarus have already been implemented. 

Karfidov Lab annually participates in the largest exhibitions such as Hannover Messe, Innoprom and others. Delegations from different countries of the world come to the company office. 


The company's management intends to open new offices and start active work in the markets of Europe, USA and Asia within the next five years. Besides, it is planned to introduce its own product line on the market and launch new directions of work, among which development of Internet of Things devices, mobile applications and integration of projects with software.


It is assumed that the coverage of the foreign market will ensure the growth of the revenue up to 1 billion rubles per year. To achieve its ambitious goals, the Company is currently searching for a strategic partner. 

Рабочий процесс

Takes 25% of the Russian industrial design market
Annual revenue - 87 million rubles
Plans to enter the US, European and Asian markets
The company has implemented
over 200 projects

Karfidov Lab
Russia, Moscow, 83, Profsoyuznaya ulitsa
+7 495 374-68-20