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GOOD-FOOD Trading Company is a Russian trade and production company and a modern high-tech enterprise producing nuts, dried fruits and confectionery products.
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GOOD-FOOD Trading Company is a Russian trade and production company and a modern high-tech enterprise producing nuts, dried fruits and confectionery products.

The company started its work in 1996 with deliveries of nuts and dried fruits from the best world producers. Already in a year GOOD-FOOD Trading Company began to develop a network of branches and regional sales offices, and then launched the first production line.

Today, GOOD-FOOD Trading Company is the largest Russian importer and producer, which has formed a reputation of a reliable partner. The group of companies includes a factory, a school canteen Saturn, a trading company, the company Mercury engaged in supplying customers in Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe segment, own brands and trade marks (GOOD FOOD, Vival, NUTBERRY, Orekhovka-Malinovka, Marzipan, Fusion) and other enterprises. The company's products are known to a wide range of customers throughout Russia. 

GOOD-FOOD Trading Company has established distribution of its goods in more than

A year after its creation, in 2000, GOOD-FOOD Group of Companies established supplies of nuts, dried fruits and confectionery products for customers in Ukraine and Belarus
50 cities of Russia and abroad

Today the products of the company brands are also presented in Kazakhstan and China. In total, the company has more than 1000 customers and partners in the retail sales segment of finished products, as well as in the field of industrial supplies, 

where GOOD-FOOD Trading Company provides raw materials to the food industry throughout Russia. The company was the first among Russian nut companies to obtain an international certificate in the field of food safety and quality.

Food Safety System Certification 22000, which allowed to work with transnational clients (such as Nestle and Metro), to produce its own trademarks, to cooperate with major federal and local retail networks and export products abroad. 

In order to obtain the certificate, it was necessary to go a long way from a small production to a modern, computerized factory. Every year the enterprise passes the audit to confirm the certificate with attraction of world leaders in the sphere of expertise, testing and certification.

And also independent audits which are carried out by the largest operators of retail networks, such as Auchan, Metro, X5 Retail Group, Billa. In the last Billa audit the company gained a record number of points in the history of supermarket chain.

GOOD-FOOD Group of companies regularly becomes the winner, laureate and prize-winner of various prizes, awards and contests of the industry and is a member of the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council.

  • GOOD-FOOD Trading Company is the winner of the international competition Environmentally friendly and safe products;
  • the winner of the award Industry Leader-2007;
  • a nominee of the national award Health Idea-2009 in the nomination Producer of the Year in the category Healthy Nutrition;
  • the winner of the annual international award Best Company of the Year in 2010;
  • the winner of the Moscow stage of the II Championship of Russia in the category Healthy Nutrition - 2015;
  • In addition, the company was awarded the international award Golden Jaguar as a part of the image program Leaders of the XXI century and two years in a row received a star and a diploma for the best innovative product at the international exhibition Prodexpo in 2018 and 2019.

Production and quality control

GOOD-FOOD Trading Company produces up to

20 of finished products in a day

1. Production

GOOD-FOOD Trading Company produces about 800 types of products: one shift production produces up to 40 different types of products, and in a day - up to 20 tons of finished products, while the capacity of the factory allows the company to increase production to 35 tons. 

2. Quality control

Inlet and outlet quality control is established at GOOD-FOOD production facility. Each batch of raw materials and finished goods is checked by specialists of certified laboratory for compliance with quality control requirements.

3. Production efficiency

Special attention is paid to production efficiency and labor productivity increase. Thus, since 2013 the company has launched a large project Lean manufacturing and started to follow the principles of the eponymous management concept, including more careful adherence to the principles of energy and water saving, as well as optimization of all production processes as a whole. Lean manufacturing involves each employee in the optimization processes and increases customer orientation.

4. Caring for employees

As a company with food production, GOOD-FOOD Trading Company takes care of the health of its employees: all the employees regularly undergo an in-depth medical examination, working in special forms. 

5. Production capacity

High-tech processing and packaging lines for nuts, dried fruits and mixtures, full-fledged confectionery production, lines for candy glazing and decoration are installed at GOOD-FOOD Factory. In addition, there is a hand-packing section, where premium segment products or small-size orders are manufactured. In addition to the production facilities, the company owns its own warehouses for finished products, as well as a fleet of cars to transport products for sale. 

The company produces about

800 items

The largest importer of nuts, dried fruits and confectionery products in Russia

The first nut company in Russia, which received the international certificate Food Safety System Certification 22000

Combines its own factory and several trade brands


Russia, Moscow, 5/3, Gamsonovsky pereulok, Business centre Gamma
+7 495 981-56-56
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