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Russian high-tech company engaged in the development of interactive 3D visualization and software.
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EligoVision was founded in 2005 as a Russian high-tech company engaged in the development of interactive 3D visualization and software.

In 2013, the company became a resident of the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The company's flagship project for training and education - EV Toolbox framework - is the only virtual and augmented reality project designer developed in Russia. The software is included in the the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media with the register number 3332, as well as in the List of innovative, high-tech products and technologies of Moscow.


The company's main product is interactive 3D presentations based on augmented and virtual reality technologies for B2B and B2C segments, as well as a universal graphic toolkit for creating projects based on virtual and augmented reality technologies for education and training - EV Toolbox.

The company's key assets are intellectual property and know-how. All interactive devices and software are developed by EligoVision specialists and protected by licenses and patents.

For 15 years on the market the company has implemented hundreds of commercial projects using virtual and augmented reality technologies based on its own interactive systems. One of the most popular technological solutions is Augmented Reality Studio. It is an augmented reality system for a large stage using several mutually calibrated cameras, allowing the speaker to manipulate digital objects in the air.

Another practical and effective solution for exhibitions and showrooms is interactive surfaces. It is a system based on combining the capabilities of multi-touch projection and software EV environment, which makes any flat surface interactive.

Also within the framework of research and development the company has developed a wireless multifunctional device for interaction with virtual environments - 3D Pointer. The device, which operates on the basis of optical tracking in infrared range, allows the user to remotely manipulate 3D objects in the virtual world.

The majority of projects created by EligoVision can be demonstrated on both monoscopic and stereoscopic displays, including autostereoscopic (glasses-free) ones. A specially developed algorithm using a depth map allows processing images and converting them into stereoscopic ones in real time.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies in education

Since 2015, the company has been implementing virtual and augmented reality technologies in the sphere of Russian education. EV Toolbox is actively used in children's technology parks across the country, in schools, colleges and universities. It is the basis for educational contests, school hackatons and professional skill championships.

With the help of EV Toolbox, everyone from a junior schoolboy to a retiree, from a designer to a teacher can create their own virtual and augmented reality projects without knowing how to write software code. Within a few years, EV Toolbox has become a popular product on the Russian market of digital education and virtual and augmented reality technologies. 

In 2021-2022 the company plans to start exporting software to educational markets in Europe and Asia. 

In Russia EligoVision was the

company to develop and patent its own augmented reality marker tracking system

Every employee of the company - from accountant to project manager, from designer to director - knows how to work in EV Toolbox design

In cooperation with the Abilimpix EligoVision was the first to develop and approve the competence in virtual and augmented reality development at the Ministry of Education and Science in 2017

The founder of the company - Matveev Sergey Vladimirovich - is one of the pioneers in the development of complex virtual reality systems in Europe


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