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The company Mojo Cacao, which appeared on the market in 2016, today is one of the most popular brands of healthy chocolate in Russia.

The company's founder Yevgeniya Tsyrlin started her business with a simple passion for healthy food - she decided to create it herself without finding a suitable alternative to ordinary chocolate. The idea of the brand is to combine in the finished product a useful component, taste and aesthetics.

Production and certification

At the beginning of her journey to create harmless and delicious chocolate, Yevgeniya Tsyrlin managed to work with chef Ivan Dubkov, who was also a specialist in vegetarian food. Together they developed sweets from nuts, dried fruits and chocolate. But eventually, it became clear that there is no such chocolate, which does not include soya lecithin. This fact contradicted the concept of healthy food, so Yevgeniya decided to produce chocolate herself. 

The development of an ideal recipe began, which tastes and is similar to the usual chocolate in taste and consistency, but does not contain refined sugar, milk and various preservatives. After many improvements, Yevgeniya managed to achieve the desired results. The next stage was the expansion of the product line, the main breakthrough in which was the production of milk chocolate without adding milk. The secret of success was the accurate calculation of proportions and many experiments with coconut and cashew flour.

The task of the finished product

To present to the audience chocolate that everyone can eat, so it does not contain products of animal origin, gluten and genetically modified organisms. The organization keeps the information on chocolate composition checks in the public domain, so that everyone can see it for himself.


The main ingredients of every product are still nuts, dried fruits, spices and selected cocoa beans of the highest quality. But the company does not stand still and is constantly looking for new ideas, which then translate into its products. Therefore, along with traditional additives in chocolates you can find popcorn or habanero peppers. 

The company produces three types of chocolate: bitter, milk and white. 

  • bars 80g (white chocolate - Cookie, Genmaicha, Black Sesame, milk - Creamy, Popcorn, bitter - Habanero Salt, Black Truffle);
  • bars 20g (white chocolate - Cookie, Genmaicha, Pumpkin Pie, Black Quinoa, Black Sesame, dairy - Moccachino, Christmas, Creamy, Popcorn, bitter - Vietnam, Grenada, Habanero Salt, Black Truffle);
  • chocolate with nut paste 65g (with flavors Hazelnut, Coffee, Peanut Paste + Salt Crunch, Cashew + Burbon vanilla, Almond Paste + Air Buckwheat);
  • chocolate-nut bars (in milk chocolate - Almond, Pekan, Hazelnut; in bitter chocolate - Walnut with prunes, Coffee, Cocoa Krupka, Golden Seed, Black Sesame in Soy Sauce with Sublimated Raspberry);
  • chocolate-nut sweets (in milk chocolate - Almond, Pekan, Hazelnut; in bitter chocolate - Walnut with prunes, Coffee, Cocoa Krupka, Golden Seed, Black Sesame in Soy Sauce with Sublimated Raspberry);
  • chocolate-nut sweets Aoki;
  • Salted caramel  in milk chocolate and bitter chocolate (in two variants - with and without peanuts);
  • cashew-based chocolate and nut paste 200g (with cocoa beans - Creamy, Popcorn, without cocoa beans - Cookie, Genmaicha, Latte);
  • figs in double chocolate (in bitter chocolate with coffee-nut paste and whole almonds inside, in milk chocolate with chocolate-nut paste and whole hazelnut inside);
  • dried fruits in chocolate (Curaga with hazelnut in milk chocolate, Prunes with walnuts in bitter chocolate).


Despite the fact that MOJO appeared on the market of chocolate producers only four years ago, the company has already been awarded at the International Chocolate Awards competition, which is held in Guatemala. In 2019, MOJO won first place among European countries in the category White chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring with chocolate Cookie (white cashew chocolate with cookie flavour), as well as second place in the same category, but already in the world stage


In 2019, the company's net profit was estimated at almost 6 million rubles, while its revenue for the year was 63.2 million rubles. 


At present, MOJO products can be found in such stores as Azbuka Vkusa, Gorod Sad, Perekrestok, as well as in dozens of health food retail stores across the country.

In the near future, the company plans to expand the market and enter the international level of trade. At the end of the pandemic period it is planned to conclude cooperation with the largest retailer Auchan, chain of coffee houses Starbucks, internet sites Beru, Ozon, Wildberries, as well as small health food stores. 

Since 2017 the company's turnover has increased

63 times
As of 2019

Mojo Cacao products are vegan

MOJO actively cooperates with major retailers

MOJO produces milk chocolate without milk


Mojo Cacao
Russia, Moscow, 19A, ulitsa Pryanishnikova
+7 929 655-43-55
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