Trading-production company ARGUS-NV is one of the leading enterprises in Russia, specializing in the development and production of optoelectronic devices for civil and special purposes under the brand name INFRATECH.

In 1993 ARGUS-NV specialists introduced night vision devices to the Russian market. Then, with the development of the optoelectronic industry, the company was one of the first to produce and sell thermal imaging devices that allow detecting, observing and recognizing objects not only in the dark but also in the daytime and in poor visibility conditions.
Over the past three years, INFRATECH optical devices have been approbated, tested, put into trial operation and delivered for use in various divisions of the Russian power structures. The presence of positive reviews and absence of complaints from them confirms the high quality of the products.
At the same time, the company is a subject of small and medium business and in conditions of limited resources uses any opportunities to attract attention to the products and establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with new partners, customers, departments and organizations.

Catalog of company offers

The company offers optoelectronic devices for day, night and thermal imaging vision and accessories.

At present, INFRATECH products include observation and orientation devices, monoculars, sights and biased attachments for daytime night and thermal vision sights, diode and laser infrared illuminators and target designators, innovative mounts for sights and attachments for small arms, rangefinder systems and other accessories.

Besides, the development of multispectral optical-electronic systems, robotic systems, equipment for special purpose vehicles and some others are the perspective directions of the company's development. 

Examples of night and thermal imaging optics INFRATECH

These products are designed for a variety of applications, including:

● short- and long-distance hunting at any time of the day;

● night patrol and border guard, object and coast guard;

● all-weather and round-the-clock surveillance;

● technical equipment of special forces units of the security services;

● provision of special events and operations and much more.

Key characteristics

The products offered by the company meet a number of advantages:

  • high reliability and durability of devices;
  • own production facilities;
  • independent development;
  • own scientific and technical base;
  • the ability to develop and manufacture according to the needs of the client.

Export potential

INFRATECH products have great export potential and can be promoted for sale in hot countries as well as in cold northern regions. INFRATECH products withstand low and high temperatures, are resistant to moisture and dust. For export, the company has a special line of devices that are ideal for hunting in all weather and natural conditions.

Even today, special interest in the products is observed in the Persian Gulf countries, some Asian and African countries, as well as the Eurasian Economic Union.

High-quality optoelectronic devices
One of the first manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras in Russia
Great export potential
One of the leading companies in its field for over
25 years

Russia, Moscow, 7, Kosinskaya ulitsa
+7 499 374-51-93