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Established in 2012, System House Business Partners for the first time on the Russian market presented systems for organizing wireless live broadcasts.

At that time, domestic television actively used mobile satellite stations for live broadcasting, the main disadvantages of which were: long preparation time for departure, low mobility, high cost per minute of broadcasting. The system presented by System House allowed transmitting video signal from professional TV cameras to the receiving server in the TV channel studio by means of summing up available wired and wireless networks.

History of the company

The first customer of the company was the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. During the next few years the following clients of System House company were included: NTV, ITRC MIR, Channel One, RBC Group, Ren TV, Reuters, TV Centre, Channel Five and others. 

The company has established a large staff of professional engineers to service systems for live broadcasting. System House Business Partners was also actively involved in the organization of broadcasts of such landmark events as Moscow Victory Parade and Direct Line with Vladimir Putin. 

Over the years of operation of systems from different manufacturers, the company has gained unique experience and decided to create its own line of equipment for video and data transmission over unified communication channels under the Emerlink trademark. For six years of active development, a software and hardware development department with dozens of qualified engineers was created. 

In planning its developments, the company relies on the experience of using its equipment on the basis of leading Russian TV channels. In 2018, the company started the project of ground delivery of the federal signal of VGTRK to regional divisions. The unique Emerlink Adaptive Delivery System video transportation system was used as the main equipment. As of today, more than 50 regions of VGTRK have been put into operation. Implementation of this project allowed the state holding company to refuse from expensive signal delivery by satellite channels.

The turnover of System House Business Partners is over 500 million rubles.

In the nearest future the company intends to solve a number of tasks:

- creation of a single cloud system for managing the company's equipment;

- integration of the new generation of coding standard h.266;

- implementation of Adaptive Delivery System algorithm in partners' equipment;

- dealer network development.



Emerlink products can be divided into two categories: data transmission equipment and equipment for video stream delivery.

Data transmission equipment

Emerlink Pro и Emerlink Pro mini

Professional systems for channel consolidation. Thanks to the proprietary algorithm, they are able to sum up the available Internet channels (wired and wireless) when it is necessary to transmit a large volume of information, and repeatedly reserve a small channel, providing guaranteed delivery. The system is actively used in mobile complexes of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

On the basis of the channel interconnection system, our company has created a set for primary deployment groups of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. The Volna is an shockproof suitcase with integrated Emerlink Pro, a full-fledged workstation and a battery for 4 hours of operation, which allows to get a reliable channel in the field before the approach of communication machines.

Equipment for video stream delivery

Emerlink Video

broadcast system compatible with any professional camera and uses an H.265 codec for encoding. It is able to combine the signal from 9 different channels, including 6 built-in SIM cards. The system is operated by VGTRK and NTV.

Emerlink Adaptive Delivery System

Video stream transport system. Adaptive Delivery System allows you to deliver signals encoded by any codec and integrated into MPEG-TS, unicast/multicast, SPTS/MPTS streams. With built-in algorithms of adaptation, buffering and addition of redundancy, the system allows with high reliability and a small delay to deliver the signal to the desired point. Emerlink Adaptive Delivery System encapsulates and together with the error correction code sends the transport stream to the receiving device, located at the destination point. The receiving device, in its turn, decapsulates the stream in real time, recovers lost or damaged packets and re-requests to retransmit packets that cannot be recovered. An interesting feature is the synchronous crossover multiport architecture of packet transfer, which adds additional reliability when delivering the stream. The equipment is actively used within the VGTRK holding.


The company's equipment and software aroused interest from potential customers. At the moment, negotiations on dealership are underway with the English company Megahertz


The company's partners are manufacturers of professional television and communication equipment: Sony, Canon, Imagine Communications, Blackmagic Design, Dejero, Vitec Group, Softlab NSK, Streamlabs, SPA Perspektiva, Telecom, Okno-TV, Vidau Systems, C-Pro Systems and others.

Participation in specialized events

System House Business Partners is multiple participant activities related to the organization of the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin, laureate of Vladimir Zvorykin Prize 2019, founder of the industry association of manufacturers and integrators of TV and radio equipment and software and organizer of the All-Russian scientific and technical papers contest - The First Step.

Organizer of wireless live broadcasts
Multiple participant activities related to the organization of the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
Laureate of Vladimir Zvorykin Prize 2019
The annual turnover is more than
500 million rubles

System House Business Partners
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