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Peroni is a leading company in the production and sale of natural food products, the main among which is honey soufflé. Peroni products also include honey in the traditional pure form, candies, tea, coffee, spices, soap, candles and gift sets.

The main principle that guides the company in its work is the creation of a natural product with a unique line of flavors and aesthetic design of the package.
Peroni is among the five leading companies in its sector on the Russian market. Today Peroni products are presented in more than 700 tea boutiques, coffee stores, culinary studios, online stores, supermarkets not only in Russia but also abroad. Last year the company launched a mini franchise, as well as its own café-boutique Peroni in Dubai.
For 7 years of operation Peroni products have won 11 awards Product of the Year, two grand prix as Innovative Product, received the international award on London Honey Awards. The vector for the natural product also allowed the company to receive the Ecological Safety certificate, the Healthy Food award and many other awards and diplomas.

About product

The company provides a wide range of products with carefully formulated and designed packages that allow the product to be used in a variety of formats, from gifts to use in the HoReCa sector. The product line includes cream and pure honey soufflés, tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea and coffee spices, chocolates in honey powder, ecological honey soaps and candles, gift and corporate gift sets. The company is constantly in search of interesting and unusual flavor combinations. For example, the collection of honey-soufflé, as a rule, includes about 20 different tastes. 

The main product of Peroni - honey soufflé - is made of flower honey from the apiaries of the Altai, Kazakhstan and Central Russia with the use of gentle cold stirring technology.

Honey-soufflé production

The whole cycle of honey-souffle production takes about 14 hours. Honey is long kneaded in special blending containers together with dried berries, fruits, nuts (whole or crushed), spices and herbal extracts in a certain mode, then kept at low temperatures, thus forming and fixing the resulting delicate consistency. In this case, all the useful properties of honey are preserved: the process of manufacturing the product is strictly controlled by specialists, so as not to expose it to high temperatures.

After that, the resulting consistency is maintained in special cooling chambers, where it just gets a souffle-like consistency.

When drying berries and fruits, the company also uses the most delicate freezing or lyophilization technology to preserve their benefits, taste, aroma and color as much as possible.

Innovative technologies are used to create any Peroni product. In production the company uses only modern European equipment, approved and certified by international technologists. Specialists strictly monitor the quality of raw materials and products at all stages of production and packaging. Even in production of soap and candles, the company does not use ready-made soap bases and foams. Peroni soap is created manually with the addition of honey and natural oils, which will suit consumers even with the most sensitive skin.


Peroni has been exporting its products for over five years. Today the company supplies its own production to 20 countries of the world. Logistics of wholesale supplies are established not only throughout Russia, but also in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe and Asia. Export turnover of the company per year is more than 11 million rubles and increases annually by 1.5-2 times.

The active export activity allowed Peroni to become the finalists of the Breakthrough of the Year contest, organized by the Moscow government, receiving an award in the Exporter of the Year nomination.

Turnover and net profit

Constant work on product expansion, emphasis on environmental friendliness and naturalness, as well as built logistics of sales and supplies allow the company to constantly increase sales and profits. Thus, over the last year the total growth of the company's sales amounted to 6-10%, while in the domestic market it increased to 14%. 

Net profit for the last three years has increased from 21.3 to 51.2 million rubles. 

The company's annual turnover is

130million rubles


Peroni intends to increase export turnover next year to 40%. It is also planned to increase the company's turnover by 20% in 2021. 

At the same time, the company's management intends to develop the franchising direction as well. At the end of 2019, the company launched a franchise for racks and islands Peroni. The operation of such compact franchises requires minimum investment and brings maximum profit.

Export of products to


Dozens of Russian and international awards

Creation of natural and environmentally friendly products with unique taste

One of the five leading Russian companies in its sector


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