VIVAX is a rapidly developing Russian company, which was founded in 2005. The company develops various innovative peptide technologies for a long and healthy life.

Based on the developments of Russian gerontologists of the Military Medical Academy and scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, specialists from the Academy of Scientific Beauty and the Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology have created innovative formulations of VIVAX products, the main components of which are complexes of short synthesized peptides.

Already now peptides have been developed and widely used, which are able to increase life resources and quality of life, reduce the probability of diseases, as well as improve the work of all human organs and systems: brain, immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, gastrointestinal tract.


All VIVAX products are certified annually. At the moment VIVAX is represented on the market by three product lines: 

Oral care products in the form of toothpaste and rinse balm (VIVAX Dent): assistance in exacerbations (pink line), improving the protective properties of the enamel (blue line), daily use (green line)

Rehabilitative and preventive body care products (VIVAX Sport): warming cream (red line), relaxing gel (blue line), regenerating cream (green line)

Silhouette modeling products/anticellulite products (VIVAX Active Slim): modeling anti-cellulite cream and gel (orange line)



VIVAX is steadily growing and developing from year to year. Thus, a stable dynamics of profit growth of 25% is observed annually, and for the last three years the company has grown by 82%. The annual revenue turnover of VIVAX is 50 million rubles


For the last three years the company's export has grown three times and reached the level of 6 million rubles.

The products of VIVAX are unique not only for the Russian market, at the moment VIVAX is represented in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In addition, in 2019 VIVAX entered the largest international B2B platform Alibaba. 

Furthermore, in 2020, VIVAX was selected to participate in the prestigious gas pedal from PwC and the Moscow Export Center to enter the South Korean market. 

In the management's opinion, the product has great potential abroad, so the company is now actively working to expand the geography of product sales.

Future plans

Currently, VIVAX is working on expanding its product line. It is planned to actively promote new funds in the pharmaceutical market as well. 

The development of sales in this sector involves the growth of a number of measures to support and promote VIVAX products, as well as creating new jobs.

At the same time, one of the priority directions of the company's development is to strengthen its positions in the markets of the countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as to enter new markets of the far abroad countries. Already now VIVAX is negotiating with representatives of potential customers from a number of countries. Companies from Europe, Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States have already shown interest in innovative products. 

In addition, due to a number of economic problems and restrictive measures that have arisen as a result of the complex epidemiological situation in the world, the management of VIVAX has reviewed a number of conditions for joint activities with existing and potential partners. The introduction of new arrangements will allow for a more flexible approach in working with each of them.

Works with more than 700 companies all over Russia
VIVAX is represented in the markets of Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
Represents three product lines: for the mouth (VIVAX Dent); for the body (VIVAX Sport); for silhouette modeling (VIVAX Active Slim)
In the last three years the profit has grown by

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