DIADAR, founded in 1996, combines the largest production and distribution of healthy food products. DIADAR is the only company in Russia that provides delivery of dietetic products (snacks, cereal bars, muesli, etc.) directly to retail outlets, regardless of their location.

For more than 20 years of presence in the market, DIADAR has managed to enter the top five companies in Russia in its segment. The partners of the organization today are the largest Russian and foreign companies producing dietary and diabetic food, leading retailers and pharmaceutical distributors, thousands of retail stores and hundreds of wholesale companies.
At the same time, the company conducts active external and communication activities. DIADAR participates in the largest industry exhibitions, organizes and supports charity events, the company's representatives and experts hold lectures and seminars on proper nutrition at the sites of thematic events.
Competently structured logistics allows the company to provide customers with healthy food products in any part of Russia, as well as in neighboring countries.
The company also has branches in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.


DIADAR is engaged in the production of healthy food products, focused on a variety of price segments and customer needs. The product line includes: fruit, nut, cereals, date bars, muesli, hematogen, porridge, marmalade, bread, jams, chocolate, soy meat and milk. 

All products meet the latest trends in nutrition and do not contain sugar, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives. Due to their quality and natural composition, the company's products are suitable for adherents of healthy eating habits, vegetarianism, veganism, gluten-free diet and consumers with other food restrictions.


Availability of own production allows specialists and technologists of the company to control the process and quality of production at all stages. At the plant Formula of Life, which is part of DIADAR, a modern automated line of European production with the maximum set of control equipment is installed


All the products DIADAR produces under its own trademarks: #ПП, DiaDar, Ego, Ego Kids, Schwarz, BODYBAR, DiYes. 


The first trademark of products for healthy nutrition, with a well-thought-out composition, without the use of artificial dyes, flavors, preservatives; with a balanced content of carbs, protein and fat; on natural sweeteners with low glycemic index. Products of the brand are acceptable for diabetics


A brand of natural cereal products that have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and the whole body. Natural ingredients without preservatives and heat treatment allow to preserve all useful minerals and trace elements.

ТМ Schwarz 

A brand name of sports and dietetic food, with the correct ratio of carbs, protein and fat. Schwarz products are developed with the participation of nutritionists and professional athletes, is a professional sports nutrition. High percentage of protein, vitamins, sugar and gluten free only high quality European raw materials are the main components of the product.


A high-protein alternative to traditional confectionary products and snacks: chocolate bars, buns, waffles, glazed cheesecakes.

EGO Vegan&Gluten-free 

A brand of vegetarian, lean and gluten-free products. The whole line is designed and developed for people who have given up eating lactose and/or gluten-free products of animal origin.

List of products

Distribution and partners

Today the partners of DIADAR are both Russian and foreign companies - distributors of diet and diabetic food, confectionery and grocery products in more than 40 cities of Russia. At the moment, the company's products are presented in more than five thousand retail and chain stores in the country, among them: Auchan, Х5 Retail Group, Real, Sedmoi Kontinent, Kvartal, SPAR. More than 600 wholesale companies are also partners and clients of DIADAR.

At the same time, the company cooperates with the largest pharmaceutical distributors: Protek, Katren, Moron, SIA, Fora-Pharm. 

DIADAR is a member of the largest inter-industry association Rusprod-Soyuz and follows the Code of Good Practice of Relationships between Trade Networks and Suppliers of Consumer Goods. 

The company is constantly looking for new partners ready to develop the healthy eating market on a mutually beneficial basis.


Today, DIADAR's exports account for about 10% of total income. The annual export turnover reaches 20 million rubles. Nowadays, the company successfully exports its products to China and the Commonwealth of Independent States. At the same time, the company's management intends to continue investing in the creation of additional facilities to expand its activities and coverage in foreign markets.

The growth of trade turnover is
for the last 3 years
More than 20 years on the healthy food market
The largest producer of healthy food products in Russia
Collaborates with major pharmaceutical distributors
The products are presented in more than
5000 stores*
*retail and chain

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