Microwave Systems

Microwave Systems is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of broadband high-power and low-noise microwave amplifiers, receiving and transmitting modules, specialized modules and blocks of microwave range developed to customer specifications.

The management of the Microwave Systems has two strategic goals: the ability to offer consumers a full range of services for design and mass production in a short time with optimal quality, and to maintain a leading position in Russia in terms of price-quality ratio in the design and manufacture of broadband microwave amplifiers.

Foundation history

Microwave Systems was established on December 16, 2004 by a small group of specialists directly related to Russian microelectronics. At the time of its creation, the company employed less than 10 people, including management. From the very beginning, the company has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable powerful microwave amplifiers and, 15 years later, has grown and significantly expanded the list of high-tech products. At present, the company's team consists of 81 highly qualified specialists, including 20 developers and designers of their own design center. For 15 years the company's specialists have developed 120 types of products, and the customer base has exceeded 185 companies.


In 2019 the company expanded its functional range of products: developed and mastered the production of a number of monolithic integrated circuits of microwave and microwave transistors. All microwave monolithic integrated circuits and microwave transistors are already used in the production of their own modules. At present, Microwave Systems has started promoting these products and plans to develop their sales both in Russia and in foreign markets. 

The range of products manufactured by the company consists of:

  - solid-state broadband microwave amplifiers from 0.3 GHz to 22 GHz; 

   - transceiver modules and pulse microwave amplifiers;  

   - multifunctional microwave products; 

   - integrated circuits and microwave transistors.

Most modules are designed based on GaN HEMT and GaAs pHEMT technologies. The company's specialists constantly monitor the achievements of both fundamental science and elementary base manufacturers, apply and test new interesting solutions in the field of microwave electronics, consult with potential customers regarding the required parameters of the products.


Specialists of Microwave Systems have developed and patented an effective technology of geographic information system assembly - a combination of surface mounting technology and traditional microelectronics technologies. The introduction of this technology allowed reducing the cost of geographic information system assembly by 30-50%.


For serial production, the company has built a modern production shop with a complex of clean rooms. Antistatic floors and furniture, powerful ventilation and air conditioning system are used in the workshop premises. The total area of the enterprise is 1500 square meters, the area of clean zone is 200 square meters (cleanliness class - ISO-7 standart).

The shop is equipped with modern technological and testing equipment. As the control and testing equipment the automated complex adjustment stands developed by engineers of the enterprise on the basis of modern measuring devices are used. Design capacity of the existing workshop is up to 4 thousand complex power amplifiers per year.

The production shop and design department of the company are equipped with equipment from Copper Mountain, KeySight, Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz and others (including 11 VNA units).


Export and promotion

In the next two years it is planned to double the production of complex microwave modules. In this connection, the company plans to find new foreign customers and strives to ensure that the volume of export orders in its portfolio is constantly increasing. 

In this connection, the company plans to find new foreign customers and strives to ensure that the volume of export orders in its portfolio is constantly increasing. In the future, the company's management believes that the export share should be at least 50% of the company's supplies in the coming years.

That is why company plans to become known and recognized on the international market of custom microwave microwave modules and microwave chips for reliable applications. Microwave Systems has recently started offering its products and development services directly to foreign customers.  The company has a sales representative in Europe (TriLight Microwave). The company is interested in attracting new customers and distributors to promote standard products and receive new orders for the development of custom products.

Manufacturer of broadband high-power and low-noise microwave amplifiers for more than 15 years
The total area of the enterprise is 1500 square meters, the area of clean zone is 200 square meters (cleanliness class - ISO-7 standart)
The specialists of the company have developed more than 120 types of products
The customer base has exceeded
185 companies

Microwave Systems
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