The Geological Exploration Company OZGEO was established in 2002. It specializes in geological exploration and related works in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Based on the analysis of geological data, interpretation of space and aerial photo materials, the company's employees design and conduct field prospecting and exploration work in various countries. Important areas of the company's work include geological, technological and economic expertise of mining and geological projects, as well as geo-ecological studies.

About company

Prospecting works are carried out with the use of geochemical and geophysical survey, mine development, well drilling and other modern methods of geological research, including proprietary technology for remote sensing (complex remote sensing). The technology is based on specialized processing of multispectral space images of the ground surface with the analysis of geological and geophysical data on the studied areas and objects. The tool allows detecting promising areas for field surveys and reducing exploration costs. 

Due to long-term cooperation with famous IT-companies of Russia, enterprises and institutes of mining and geological sector and machine-building complex, OZGEO offers solutions of complex tasks on exploration of solid minerals, use of energy and water resources, optimal technologies of mineral processing, modern approaches to assessment and monitoring of anthropogenic impact on the environment.  Over the years, OZGEO geologists have identified and surveyed dozens of deposits, ore manifestations and promising areas of different areas, and implemented a number of projects on engineering geology and hydrogeology. The main field and expert works were performed mainly in African countries - Angola, Algeria, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia and Ethiopia, as well as in Bolivia, Venezuela and Turkey

OZGEO is a consistent supporter of promotion of advanced technologies of the Russian geological school to the foreign markets and includes in its sphere of interest both the mineral resources themselves and their integrated use, protection and defence. The Supervisory Board of OZGEO Geological Company includes well-known scientists, authoritative specialists in the field of geology, mining and economics. Company representatives are members of several international organizations. Among them are the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs , the Business Council Russia-Zimbabwe and several other organizations working with foreign partners. 

OZGEO is a private company and is the owner of ОЗГЕО and OZGEO trademarks and its own logo. 

On the market for about
20 years

Geography of field works

 The geography of OZGEO field survey covers several regions of Africa and Asia. The first research works started from the first years of the company's existence in 2002. Thus, in 2002-2013 the company's specialists took part in the search of diamond and gold deposits in Angola.

In 2006, OZGEO's employees were searching for diamond deposits in the south-east of Guinea, in 2010-2014 - for alluvial gold deposits in the basins of Zimbabwe rivers, in 2012 - for gold, titanium-magnetite and uranium deposits in Mauritania.

The Company also carried out works on the territory of such states as:



  • rospecting for alluvial gold deposits in the Onyve river basin.



  • prospecting for gold in the region of Akka deposit;
  • prospecting for lead, zinc, copper, silver and gold in the region of Gemassa-Jebilet;
  • prospecting for silver in the region of Imeter mine in Atlas;
  • prospecting for copper and silver in the region of Igeri in the south-western part of Atlas;
  • prospecting for cobalt in the region of Bu-Azzer mine.



  • reconnaissance survey of Kenticha tantalum lithium-beryllium deposit.



  • reconnaissance survey of lithium salt lakes (salars).



  • reconnaissance survey of gold-bearing areas.

In addition, the work was carried out in Russia, the company's specialists carried out projects to survey the quality of road surface with non-destructive geophysical methods of control.

Geography of expert works

In 2002-2019, by orders of public and private companies OZGEO prepared expert opinions on the prospects of mineral resources for various minerals such as: gold, diamonds, titanium, copper, oil, platinum, lithium, nickel, silver, rare metals, phosphorites, coal for a number of countries. They include Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Guinea, Indonesia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Peru, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe.

In 2014 - 2015, the company has carried out work on collecting and analyzing materials on geology, geochemistry and minerals of foreign sectors of the Arctic. In the Russian Federation, projects on resource assessment and forecast of highly liquid solid minerals (in the Urals, Buryatia, Irkutsk region) and hydrocarbons (on Sakhalin, Western Siberia, Orenburg region, Volga region) were carried out.


Company facts:

1. The geography of field surveys covers several regions in Africa and Asia.

2. She also worked in Madagascar, Morocco, Ethiopia, Bolivia and Turkey. 

3. Performed works on collection and analysis of materials on geology, geochemistry and minerals of foreign Arctic sectors.


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