Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica, founded in 2004, is engaged in the construction of power supply systems and offers customers complex solutions for engineering and technological systems in industry, construction, infrastructure. The company provides low and medium voltage distribution equipment, low-current systems, lighting systems, industrial electric heating, equipment for oil and gas, petrochemical and gas chemical industries.

At the moment, the company is one of the best distributors of European electrical equipment on the Russian market and is an industrial partner of the leading companies on the international engineering market.
Thanks to the well-established logistics system, the company is able to promptly deliver products, including large-size cargoes, to customers' facilities throughout Russia, including hard-to-reach areas of the North, as well as in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and to the countries of Central Asia, North Africa, Middle East.

Products and services

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica has its own production of equipment of various categories: complete transformer substations; medium voltage cells; low-voltage panel equipment up to 6300A (including solutions for the subway); electrical lighting systems; industrial electric heating systems; cable-conductor products.

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica renders services to customers from various branches: oil and gas industry; power engineering; peaceful atom; metallurgy and mining industry; mechanical engineering; transport infrastructure, water supply and drainage.

At the same time, since 2018 the company has developed and launched into production of new directions: block equipment for oil and gas, petrochemical and gas-chemical industries, industrial special solutions for traction substations and industrial electric heating systems.


Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica has been carrying out export activities for over 4 years. At present, the geography of exports abroad includes more than 11 countries, among which are both members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia) and foreign countries (Germany, Czech Republic, UAE, Ecuador, Indonesia, Vietnam).

The geography of exports abroad includes more than

The revenue of Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica increased 1.3 times over the past three years - from 2.6 billion rubles in 2017 to 3.27 billion rubles in 2019 (International Financial Reporting Standards). At the same time, the company's profit increased 2.2 times over the same period and amounted to 298.9 million rubles in 2019

Development Plans

The company's management intends to actively develop its business and increase its presence on both domestic and foreign markets. The company's strategic plan includes several directions:

Company development on the whole. 

The management plans to develop sales systems and competencies for managing large and geographically distributed projects; to continue building up the number of engineering centers in Russia and other countries (by the end of 2019 their total number is 17); to develop relations with vendors (suppliers of component base and specialized components) in the core markets. 

In addition, we will continue to develop our own Research & Development program with the subsequent launch of new high-tech products and services; expand (or create new) production sites in the Special Economic Zone.

Engineering Systems (in the market since 2004):

- Continued emphasis on supplies of high-margin product categories;

- Export expansion: participation in international projects, including tandem with partners - foreign engineering companies, large vendors.

Technological Systems (in the market - since 2018):

- In the segment of classic oil and gas field equipment it is planned to expand the client base in Russia and abroad, as well as to continue certification of production and management system;

- In the segment of innovative units for oil refining and power engineering, the company intends to expand the number of partners both in Russia and abroad, who use this equipment on the conditions of separation of the resulting economic effect; to work out business models of cooperation with partners, to expand exports to the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, North Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia. 

Export share in total revenue of the company - 8-10%
Geography of export deliveries - more than 11 countries
Experience in exporting - more than 4 years
The annual export volume of products and services, in sales prices is
more than 300 million rubles

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