STC TECHNO-AC is a scientific and production firm that develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of control and measuring instruments used in many industries. The main directions of work of STC TECHNO-AC are the production of route finding equipment, devices for measuring temperature and humidity, as well as the production of electrical car laboratories.

The company was founded in 1992 by the honored Russian inventor Sergey Sergeyev who started his career in the field of military electronics development. The company started with the production of pyrometers, contact thermometers and trace receivers.


The product catalog of STC TECHNO-AC includes mobile laboratories (electro-laboratories, car laboratories of housing and communal services, car laboratories of special estimation of working conditions, car laboratories of energy audit, cars for emergency services, mobile workshops), measuring instruments - temperature registrars, contact thermometers, thermal-imaging complexes, leak detectors, cable detectors, reflectometer and trace detectors.


One of the unique products of the company is a plastic pipe locator TPT-522N, which allows tracking plastic pipes, creating an acoustic signal with a special shock device. The same set of equipment is used for acoustic detection of water leaks and localization of metal cables. Thus, the company has created a multifunctional equipment set, which can be used to detect literally any underground utility.

The lineup of STC TECHNO-AC devices is equipped with GLONASS/GPS modules for precise location determination and reliable storage of the obtained coordinates. Its own developed software allows to use Google.Maps to track the location of communications and export coordinates to use them in customer's GIS-program.

In addition to the production and supply of products, STC TECHNO-AC provides services to individuals and businesses that require thermal imaging of buildings, heat and electrical equipment, searching for cables or pipes underground, detection of water leaks from the pipeline or cable damage and repair.

As noted in the company, the development of devices is in accordance with all international requirements. The devices are certified for use not only in Russia, but also in all countries of the Eurasian Customs Union.


The group of companies has implemented a full production cycle, starting with the installation of electronic boards and manufacturing of metal elements of device structures and ending with quality control of finished products in several stages. 

The complex of manufacturing territory of the company includes machining shop, radio installation and assembly area, technical control department, warehouses, stands, office and testing ground for testing and testing of products.

To offer high quality devices on the market, specialists have developed a multi-level system of control of products, which excludes any defects. In addition, quality control is carried out through the use of lean manufacturing concept. The total area of production facilities is 1.7 thousand square meters. 


The annual turnover of the group of companies, along with export, is estimated at
For the last three years the income of the whole group of companies increased up to 40% in the Russian market and up to 35% in the international market

Active export direction, production of high-quality and various line of control and measuring devices and wide client base not only in Russia but also abroad, allow STC TECHNO-AC to provide annual growth of sales and demand for its products in the market.

Thus, the annual turnover of the group of companies, along with export, is estimated at 35.5 million rubles. The company's net profit for the last three years reached 2.6 million rubles. For the last three years the income of the whole group of companies increased up to 40% in the Russian market and up to 35% in the international market. 

The companies are planning to further expand their presence abroad. The company is ready to invest from 750 thousand annually into export direction. 

Almost 30 years in the industry
Has a complete production cycle
Wide range of high quality control and measuring instruments
Successful export of products to
30 countries

Russia, Moscow Region, Kolomna, 406, ulitsa Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii
+7 499 110-02-16