The company PANNA, founded in 2004, is engaged in production of kits for creativity and needlework in various techniques.

In the same year the company created its first own brand PANNA, under which the first 10 embroidery kits were developed and released for sale, which were small subjects with animals. In the following years the company released popular series of kits, and the range was expanded with kits in black work techniques, beadwork, long stitch, carpet techniques and others.

About company

 In 2008, the portfolio of PANNA brands was expanded by purchasing the Klart embroidery kits brand. Under this brand, PANNA produces kits for embroidery techniques counting cross and beads embroidery of light complexity and with funny, funny stories.

In 2014, PANNA began producing two new products - a set for sewing toys Miadolla and sets in the technique of patchwork Peppy. Toys, for which unique fabrics are used, can be sewed with or without a sewing machine. With the Peppy set you can sew a pillow, tack, organizer and other home accessories.

 In 2018, PANNA launched its own pencil factory - Voskresenskaya Pencil Factory. At the factory production specialists create the whole range of pencil products: black, color, watercolor, glass, wood, metal.


The annual growth of the company's assortment increases by

The PANNA company produces handicraft products under several brands, including:

  • PANNA embroidery sets (more than 1000 items, including sets in the techniques of embroidery with full paste, smooth, paillettes, ribbons, etc.);
  • sets for cross and bead embroidery Klart (about 306 items in the range, including patented technique velvet seam);
  • sets for Miadolla toys sewing (183 items in assortment);
  • sets in the technique Freya diamond mosaic (the assortment of 223 items includes sets for making paintings, cards, magnets, pendants);
  • sets in woolen watercolor technique and Woolla dry folding (assortment of 91 items);
  • sets for sewing in technique patchwork Peppy (assortment totals 84 positions).



Currently, the products of the company PANNA are represented in various network and online stores:

  • Leonardo chain of hobby-hypermarkets (150 stores in Russia, two stores in Belarus, two stores in Kazakhstan);
  • at the largest Internet sites (Wildberries,,;
  • at large online stores specializing in the sale of goods for creativity and needlework.


In 2014, the company's management decided to expand the geography of the company and to launch export sales. In this regard, the team of PANNA for the first time took part in the international H+H exhibition, held in Cologne (Germany), where the company received the first contacts and concluded the first business agreements with partners, which the company maintains to this day.

At present PANNA has a wide geography of foreign supplies - Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, USA, Canada, Israel, Cyprus, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden.

Over the last year, the share of export in the company's portfolio has doubled. 


Plans for the future

In the nearest future the assortment of PANNA company will be replenished with new products in the market of needlework - sets for coloring by numbers with pencils, which have no analogues in the Russian market. 

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Company facts

1.  The company has its own production facilities, which produce various goods for creativity: embroidery kits, for sewing toys, as well as sets in the technique of diamond mosaic.

2.  The company records the annual growth of export shipments and geography of export shipments around the world.

3.  The company owns its own pencil factory, which produces all kinds of pencil products.


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+7 499 392-02-37