Scientific and industrial enterprise Melitta is the only full-cycle enterprise in Russia that develops and serially produces pulsed ultraviolet units with xenon lamps for air and surface disinfection.

Numerous Russian and foreign patents confirm the world priority of pulsed plasma-optical technology developed by the company and pulse ultraviolet units created on its basis.

The main consumers of the company's products are medical organizations. There is also Russian and foreign experience of successful application of ultraviolet units in administrative, office and public buildings, hotels and production facilities. 

All the company's products have registration certificates of Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) and certificates of compliance with GOST R. The company's quality management system is certified for compliance with ISO standards, and products are marked with CE, ETL marks in accordance with the requirements of European and international standards. 

We take our research and evidence base very seriously. We have more than 50 specialists in different fields: candidates of technical sciences, doctors of medical sciences, specialists in microbiology and disinfection. This makes us very different from our competitors: we see the needs of the medical market from within

Yakov Goldstein,
the CEO of SIE "Melitta"

History of the Company

In 1991 specialists of Melitta together with the Power Engineering Department of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University have developed the world's first samples of pulse ultraviolet installations with xenon lamps. In 2003 the technology acquired the finished look and was registered by the company in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. 


Since 2005 the company started serial production of various models of Alpha series units (mobile, portable and stationary) and their introduction into practical healthcare and space medicine. The efficiency of the technology has been proved in numerous studies carried out on the basis of leading Russian and foreign accredited laboratory centers and clinics. 


The specialists of Melitta received the Prize of the Russian Government in the field of science and technology - For the development and implementation of pulsed plasma-optical technologies and facilities in space medicine and practical healthcare.


The company has been actively participating in the international space program ExoMars in order to eliminate the threat of Mars infection with spores of bacteria capable of surviving in extreme conditions of outer space.


The company has been serializing a new generation of Alpha series pulsed ultraviolet units, as well as began to independently introduce Yanex series export models abroad.

More than 500 medical organizations in Russia use more than
of the company

Key products

The company offers unique equipment - pulsed ultraviolet units of Alpha series, as well as export models of Yanex series, designed for emergency and routine disinfection of air and indoor surfaces.

Pulsed ultraviolet units of new generation of Alpha series, the most important of them:

  • mobile pulsed ultraviolet unit Alpha-06 for emergency air disinfection of rooms of 1 and 2 categories in the absence of people;
  • portable pulse ultraviolet unit Alpha-09 for air and surface disinfection of premises.


Export models of pulsed ultraviolet units of Yanex series, including the key ones:

  • mobile pulse ultraviolet unit Yanex-2M for disinfection of air and open surfaces of premises;
  • portable impulse unit Yanex-5 for air disinfection and open surfaces of premises.

Partnership and membership in unions

Scientific and industrial enterprise Melitta is a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union, a member of the program of the Moscow Government Made in Moscow, the Innovative territorial cluster Zelenograd, Moscow Innovation Cluster, a project participant: the Moscow Export Center and the Russian Export Center, a partner of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development of Moscow, a member of the Public Organization Business Russia. In addition to supporting the domestic market, the company constantly participates in key medical forums and exhibitions around the world.

Melitta was the first company in the world to develop a pulse ultraviolet unit for emergency room disinfection
15 years of serial production
More than 3 000 units of the compny successfully work both in Russia and abroad
Melitta has been conducting research and development in its industry for over
25 years

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