Integrated Electron-Optical Systems (IEOS) develops and manufactures integrated thermal imaging modules based on uncooled matrices with extended functionality. The feature of the company's thermal imaging systems is the construction of a computing unit based on digital signal processing processors, which allows you to develop devices as a complete solution with optimal characteristics without compromise solutions and additional blocks, as well as taking into account all the nuances of the specification and customer's wishes.

IEOS, founded in 2010, is now one of the five leading companies in its sector in Russia. It has a large customer base in Moscow and in some key regions of the country.
IEOS' thermal imaging modules are used in industry, transport, healthcare, fire and rescue services and security systems. In 2015, after the renewal of the management system, the company IEOS began to participate in the execution of state defense orders and acted as a performer until 2019.
The IEOS team consists of highly professional design engineers, programmers and manufacturers who have many years of experience in the field of optical instrumentation.


The company has a well-equipped production site with a design department and the most modern equipment necessary for the production process. 

The advantage of the company over competitors is that the produced equipment is constantly being upgraded and is of higher quality and modified: new functionality and support for new detectors is added, the quality of signal processing from the detector is improved; all the developed and improved modules are combined in a single device, unlike competitors who have to have all modules in different structural elements (additional electronic blocks).


IEOS company develops thermal imaging modules of MTP series, which are used in video surveillance systems, car cameras, gyrostabilized optoelectronic systems of ground, surface and aircraft. 

Feature of the thermal modules of the MTP series is the construction of a computing unit based on digital signal processing processors. Along with basic image processing functions, additional algorithms can be built into the module. In this case, users can embed algorithms into the module on their own, increasing its compactness and reducing power consumption. A wide range of interface configurations on the module allows customers to choose the best option for easy integration into their systems. 

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IEOS reaches over
37.1million rubles
per year

The production and supply of high-quality and in-demand thermal imaging modules, as well as a large established customer base in Moscow and major Russian regions allow IEOS to reach over 37.1 million annual turnover. The company's export turnover is about 12 million per year. Sales on the international market have grown by more than 20% in the last three years. IEOS plans to increase trade and export turnover by 50%.

Manufacture of thermal imaging modules based on digital signal processing processors
Wide client base in Moscow and key regions of Russia
Thermal imaging modules of own production that are in demand in the market
One of the
Top-5 companies in its sector in Russia

Russia, Moscow, 35, Volnaya ulitsa
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