Founded in 1996, SINIKON is a Russian manufacturer of pipes and fittings made of modern polymer materials for sewerage and water supply systems.

At the moment the company is a leader in the production and sale of pipe products for sewerage systems in Russia. SINIKON production is equipped with modern equipment, which allows the plant to produce truly high quality products that meet Russian and European standards.

In its activity, SINIKON is guided by the principle of continuous improvement: it modernizes and expands production, introduces new technologies, expands the range of products offered.

For example, in the beginning of 2020 SINIKON presented a novelty in the range of SINIKON THERMOLINE PE-Xb EVOH made of cross-linked polyethylene with a barrier layer PEX-b/EVOH. In the same year a new factory building with extrusion and casting lines was put into operation.

SINIKON cooperates with the largest Russian wholesale and construction companies: FSK Group of Companies, PIK Group of Companies, Samolet Group, Donstroy. Besides, the products of the plant are used in new buildings under the renovation program in Moscow.


Products SINIKON produces pipes and fittings for four internal and external sewerage systems:

1. Sinicon Standard

Sinicon Standard - polypropylene pipes and fittings for unpressurized internal sewerage systems, designed for domestic sewage with a temperature of 80˚C (short-term sewage up to 95˚C).

Photo: Polypropylene internal sewerage system

2. Sinicon Comfort

Sinicon Comfort Low Noise Sewerage System - non-pressure polypropylene pipes and fittings with mineral additives for high mechanical resistance, excellent acoustic properties and resistance to aggressive environment.

Photo: Internal sewerage system with low noise level

3. Sinicon Rain Flow

Sinicon Rain Flow - pipes and fittings for internal gutters of buildings up to 100 meters high.

Photo: Internal drainage systems

4. Sinicon Universal

 Sinicon Universal - pipes and fittings for external sewerage systems.

Photo: External sewerage system


SINIKON THERMOLINE PE-Xb EVOH pipes of cross-linked polyethylene with PEX-b/EVOH barrier layer. They are used for low-temperature heating, water supply and especially in water floor heating systems.

Photo: Pipe for low-temperature heating, water supply and water floor heating systems

SINICON products have a number of undeniable advantages over systems made of both traditional materials (cast iron) and systems made of other polymeric materials (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene):

  • Excellent quality: products are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN 1451 and GOST 32414-2013 standart on professional German and Italian equipment;
  • The largest producers of polypropylene are direct suppliers of raw materials: SIBUR Holding, Nizhnekamskneftekhim;
  • Multilevel quality control: from input raw materials and components quality control through line quality control to output quality control of finished products;
  • Sinicon pipes and fittings were used to complete the Olympic facilities in Sochi, including Bolshoy Ice Palace and the Olympic Village;
  • Warehouse infrastructure: in order to promptly respond to customer requests, the SINICON plant has a spacious and spacious warehouse with permanent stock;
  • Each subject of the Russian Federation has at least one or several official distributors with the necessary warehouse stocks for the prompt completion of facilities of any complexity.


In 2015, the company received a certificate of compliance with GOST 32414-2013 standard - Polypropylene pipes and fittings for internal sewage systems. In 2016 the company received the certificate of conformity to the European standard DIN EN 1451-1:1999-03 together with DIN CEN/TS 1451-2:2012-05, and also DIN 4102-1:1998-5 and DIN 4102-4:1994-03 or DIN EN ISO 11925-2:2011-02 standards together with DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01 standard.

Educational programs

The company pays great attention to educational programs: employees of the SINICON training center regularly give lectures, conduct seminars and master classes for specialists in the field of engineering systems. A permanent format is the outgoing training seminars for designers and specialists, which are held together with their distributors in all regions of Russia. Regular training sessions are held for employees of commercial departments of client companies, which help customers to position products in a competitive environment.

Occupies leading positions in production and sale of pipe products for sewerage systems in Russia
Cooperates with the largest Russian wholesale and construction companies. The products of the plant are used in new buildings under the renovation program in Moscow
Each subject of the Russian Federation has at least one or more official distributors
The plant produces pipes and fittings for
4 systems
of internal and external sewerage

Russia, Moscow, Troitsk, 11, Promishlennaya ulitsa
+7 499 270-65-55