Flex is the owner of the brand Cloud4Y, which since 2009 has been working in the cloud services market. At present, the company is one of the top leaders in Russia, which creates safe and high-tech cloud services.

The company's goal is to provide its customers with an opportunity to improve the efficiency of business management. Cloud4Y provides assistance to enterprises of various types and scales in creating reliable and confidential IT infrastructure at an affordable price. Today the company is one of the leading providers of IaaS and SaaS services in Russia.


The company's main product on which most of its solutions and services are built is a virtual cloud server/data center or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Virtual cloud server -

IaaS is available on Windows and Linux platforms and offers customers the ability to rent computing resources to build a fully functional IT infrastructure in the cloud.

Cloud FZ-152 (UZ-1, 1K) -

Cloud4Y has a certified cluster and the necessary certificates of compliance with the requirements of Federal Law-152 On personal data, 1K, which allows the company to place and protect personal data up to 1 level of security inclusive. All available licenses and certificates comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the requirements of the executive bodies for the provision of cloud services both in Russia and abroad on the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Disaster Recovery -

Disaster recovery solutions and disaster resilient solutions are deployed at two data centers in Moscow. Data centers are connected by an optical ring with redundant communication channels, which allows using geo-referenced solutions and guaranteeing high fault tolerance of the service.

In addition, the company offers:

  • storage solutions (S3 object storage, file storage, storage for archives and backups);
  • solutions for remote work organization, including Radio Data System and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions, encrypted data transfer and other software SaaS solutions;
  • cloud backup solution;
  • solutions for developers and work with large data, in-depth training, video and graphics rendering;
  • cloud software solutions (SaaS solutions): corporate mail, 1C, 1C-Bitrix, Data Leak Prevention system, antivirus, etc.

Cloud4Y provides 24/7 technical support in Russian, English and Arabic to its clients.

Since its foundation, the main focus of the company is high fault tolerance of services in a compartment with advantageous and flexible conditions. The company strives to be the first in everything that concerns innovation, certification, technological solutions and complete customer support. Cloud4Y provides a single-window service, where the client can close all IT-related issues. 


In order to successfully develop the export direction, the company's management takes a number of strategic decisions: obtains certification of the infrastructure for the placement and protection of personal data; partners with data centers in Germany and the Netherlands, including in order to meet the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation; participates in international IT forums (Gitex, Websummit); has specialists in each department to work with foreign audience; actively develops potential markets, clients and partners; 70% of employees speak English.

In addition, the company is 100% optimizing its website, knowledge base and marketing materials for the English speaking audience, creates landing pages for basic services in Arabic, customizes search and targeted advertising for foreign audiences.


According to TAdviser's corporate information portal, Cloud4Y has been winning for three consecutive years (2017-2019) by the number of IaaS projects implemented in Russia. 



In the near future, the company's management intends to strengthen its positions in the domestic market through contracts with key industry leaders, government contracts, study the potential of the Far East regions, expand presence and visibility in the Middle East and North Africa regions and European countries. Besides, it is planned to open its own technological platform and office in the country of MENA region.

Network of data centers in Russia and abroad
Certified infrastructure in accordance with UZ-1, 1K, 1G
More than 2,000 customers worldwide
On the cloud services market more than
11 years

Russia, Moscow, 3, Avangardnaya ulitsa
+7 495 268-04-12