The company MEDPLANT, founded in 2000 by leading specialists of the former All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Medical Instrument Engineering, is a manufacturing enterprise that specializes in the design and manufacture of medical equipment for emergency care.

Currently, MEDPLANT is a sub-industry producing medical equipment for all states and activities of first and emergency medical aid in accordance with Federal Law № 323-FZ (Articles 31 and 35) and the Standards of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


The company produces items to stop massive bleeding, restore airway passability, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, monitoring of life-threatening conditions, transport immobilization of limbs, neck and pelvis, displacement and evacuation of victims.

The main purpose of the company's developments is to create portable, reliable, modern, easy-to-use medical devices for emergency medical care, functionally complete and well adapted for work in the regions of Russia, including vehicles and field conditions. 

All developments, including the stages of sketch and technological design, as well as the development of mass production, the company performs by its own resources without attracting external funds. However, at the same time, the company widely uses cooperation with specialized productions (foundry, mechanical, sewing, electronic), which work according to the drawings and technological MEDPLANT equipment.

MEDPLANT products

For the generalized criterion of evaluation of MEDPLANT products the complex index is accepted: function-reliability-price-quality. Quality means stable and reliable performance in different climatic and environmental conditions, under mechanical loads and limited energy resources; usability and convenience in the work of the personnel (availability, review and speed of deployment of equipment, length of cables, convenient menu in Russian, intuitive notation, etc.).


MEDPLANT possesses License No. FS-99-04-006131 dated December 10, 2018 for the production and maintenance of medical equipment. 

The company produces more than 30 registered medical devices, some of them are protected by patents for inventions. In addition, the company owns four trademarks, is certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality management systems, several medical devices have European CE-Mark certificate, others are being prepared for certification. Almost all products are original, patented and represent modern innovative import-substituting portable triple-use products for civil and military medicine, for the first aid (basic and extended), for work in different climatic conditions and in vehicles.

Almost all domestic ambulances are equipped with MEDPLANT products, and in each of the ambulances can be used from three to ten names of medical products manufactured by the company. Consumers of the products are also services and institutions of the Ministry of Health and Private Medicine: all institutions of primary health care (feldscher-midwife posts, polyclinics, medical units, outpatient clinics, medical centers and offices), emergency and emergency services, disaster medicine, all hospitals (intensive care, traumatology, hospital transportation and evacuation, first aid in the offices). Different departments and municipal structures (power, rescue and first aid services, transport, educational, sports) also widely use medical devices produced by MEDPLANT.


MEDPLANT takes into account all the wishes of its customers and makes cooperation with them as comfortable as possible. Based on its experience, having studied the needs of regular customers and potential customers, the company has developed a number of advantages over competitors: 

  • the shortest terms of order execution;
  • flexible payment and shipment conditions;
  • high quality and reliability of products;
  • assistance to customers in choosing an optimal set of equipment and implementation of projects;
  • additional discounts and bonuses at repeated wholesale orders;
  • the range of goods oriented to the customer;
  • competitive prices;
  • convenience and ease of purchase;
  • qualified employees;
  • availability of own warehouse and permanent stock of goods;
  • delivery of goods to the transport company (subject to delivery in the regions).
It has four trademarks, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality management system certification
Almost half of the company's medical devices are protected by invention patents
Several medical products have CE-Mark European certificate
The number of registered medical products of the company is more
than 30 products

Almost all products are original, patented and represent a modern innovative import-substituting portable triple-use product for civil and military medicine, for first aid (basic and extended), for work in various climatic conditions and in vehicles.

License No. FS-99-04-006131 of December 10, 2018 for the production and maintenance of medical equipment. 


Russia, Moscow, 42, Volgogradskiy prospekt, Building 5
+7 495 223-60-16