Getrealprice is a service for monitoring prices and assortment on the Internet with subsequent processing of the received data on your software in order to establish the daily optimal price for each product in any online store.

The company is one of the five leading companies in its sector in Russia, with Getrealprice as a leader in Moscow. Over the past 3 years, the company's sales have grown by more than 20%, and the share of products in the domestic market is more than 30%.
Getrealprice works both with Russian companies to support competitive operations in the local market and with foreign companies, contributing to the rapid operational penetration of the global exporters' range to other markets.


The company regularly produces new products and solutions, which are developed based on business needs in today's realities. Getrealprice solutions differ significantly from the proposals of consulting companies and system integrators in that they are autonomous and easy to implement in the business processes of the client company. The Getrealprice service is easily managed by a middle level employee with e-commerce training. In addition, the company trains its product - both independently and through partner business schools.

The service has a number of directions (Diy and Household, Fashion, Beauty & Parfum, Sport), for each of which a set of proposals is developed:

  • Manufacturers: to control the compliance of resellers with the recommended retail price; 
  • Retailers: to control their prices along with the prices of competitors; 
  • Marketplaces: to control their prices, competitors' prices and automatically set quote prices;
  • Exporters: to make quick decisions on the expediency of entering any Russian or world market.


  • own registered software and Databases to compare prices for goods in online stores;
  • traffic management: query traffic management, database load, conversion and requests;
  • human behavior emulation: robots that process prices know how to adjust to human behavior in terms of listing algorithm and content uploading;
  • has its own physical farms for parsing in different countries, being a Russian alternative to Crawlera, GeoSurf, Luminati;
  • uses its own tool to classify products of a large and disparate assortment cluster, which allows you to manage any product nomenclature, including specific (pharmaceuticals, automotive parts);
  • are actively used by Generative Adversarial Nets and Convolutional Neural Networks, in particular to create new product designs or, for example, to emulate human behavior (Skectfinder, Gan-designs, GetRealPosition products).

How it works

In our country and in the world there are many different online stores. They all sell different goods. Some products in different online stores are the same. Getrealprice finds such products and starts to monitor their price.

The Geteralprice system user connects to the Getrealprice Web App, which updates product prices on a daily basis. The system monitors price increases, availability and disposal of goods and informs the customer's operators about this. At the same time, the Getrealprice interface can offer customers specific solutions to change the prices of goods, working on the principle of route computer - the user not only recieves the notification about particular event, but the program also generates automatic proposals on what to decide. This approach virtually eliminates the risk of corporate error and reduces the burden on client managers.



The annual turnover of the Russian branch of the company is 20 million rubles. Net profit of Getrealprice for the last three years increased 5 times and made up by the results of 2019 -10 million rubles


The current clients of the company are mainly representatives of large businesses: Sportmaster (Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe), Nestle, Decathlon, Castorama, Lamoda (Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States), TechnoNicol, O'stin, L'etoile. Among the clients of the company from the state structures there are Export Support Centers of Eastern Europe.

Since 2014 Getrealprice is an exporter of software to large retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In particular, Getrealprice cooperates with the German company OBI. 

The annual export turnover of Getrealprice is about


The company's management intends to increase the number of large clients both in Russia and in the world in the nearest future. For this purpose, it is planned to take a number of strategic actions:

  • to continue investing in the company's system technologies;
  • to register new patents (in the USA and South Korea) in addition to RetailMaster, MarketPrice, Gan-Designs technologies;
  • Training 500-2000 clients and business school students per year;
  • implement new application products for customers planned for Autumn-Winter 2020;
  • increase presence in the European markets;
  • enter the markets of Morocco, Indonesia, Singapore with a focus on services to support international exports.
Suitable for any business participant
One of the three leading companies in its sector in Russia, actually creating this market with the first release of Getrealprice Retail Master
Has its own software and a highly loaded database
The product share is over
in the domestic market

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