MED RAY was founded in 2004, when one of the first Russian radiological digital information systems (PACS/RIS) the ArchiMed hardware & software suite was developed and implemented in the Main Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow. Since then the company has been constantly developing and today it is one of the leaders in digital health care in Russia.

The company's products are registered under the ArchiMed trademark and by their technical characteristics are not inferior to their imported counterparts. In addition to sales in Russia, the company also exports to Kazakhstan and Kirghizia.
Production facilities of the company are located in Moscow, there is an engineering and service department, call-center to ensure the implementation and uninterrupted operation of the system. The staff of developers works daily on software improvement and adaptation.
Fluorography digital workstation Photo: Fluorography digital workstation


The main product of the company is a multimodal workstation ArchiMed, which is very popular and comes complete with X-ray equipment, mammographs of many Russian and foreign manufacturers. 

PACS/RIS ArchiMed is characterized by quality and high reliability, which allows you to create a digital space for medical organizations at minimum cost. The system combines capabilities not only to accumulate and use long-term archive of research and data, but also includes various functions of viewing and processing images from any device - from ultrasound scanner and video endoscope to MRI and Positron emission tomography - computed tomography. Exam results can be accessed either through the Local Area Network or through a WEB viewer.

The main advantage of the MED RAY development is a complex approach to solving tasks on the basis of a single digital platform of ArchiMed. Thus, in 2019, the company created Regional Radiological Information Systems and Central Archives of Medical Images in the Republics of Chuvashia and Yakutia as a part of the federal projects -Health Care, Creating a Unified Digital Contour.

Company equipment

To manage and analyze the implementation of Central Archives of Medical Images, the company developed a web portal Command Center, which allows to assess the load of radiological equipment and rooms, reflects the statistical information received from Central Archives of Medical Images in the context of the type of service, modality, gender, age, period, etc. and is displayed in the form of diagrams, charts, dashboards, and various pop-up windows. 

The diagnostic equipment passport in one window generates complete information about the status of the diagnostic equipment park of the organization or the region as a whole.

The system also allows implementing projects on teleradiological consultations of any complexity. The experts have access to individual anonymized surveys related only to the work assigned to them.

The Teleradiology portal has a system of quality assessment of experts' work based on mutual examination by experts and random sampling method. A program has been created to account for the total dose load on the patient during X-ray studies.

The RADIATION DOSE module is linked to the Central Archives of Medical Images and makes it possible to implement the requirements of current radiation safety standards and support medical decision-making.

The ArchiMed system works in
across Russia


At present, the radiological digital information system PACS/RIS ArchiMed successfully operates in more than 150 cities of Russia, in more than 700 medical organizations of various profiles: 3d Vishnevsky Central Military Clinical Hospital, the Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery, Mariinskaya Municipal Hospital, Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, Guard's the Guard's Main Military Clinical Hospital, St. Petersburg Children's City Hospital No.1, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency, National Medical Research Rariological Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the partners of the company, with which the integration was carried out, are the leading Russian manufacturers of medical information systems: Medialog, Ariadne, SofTrust, MedWork, etc.

In addition, among the partners of the company there are such well-known manufacturers as: Renmedprom, Sevkavrentgen, Helpic, Adani.

The equipment of the company works with Planmed mammographs, Samsung X-ray, Philips tomographs, Canon, Hitachi and many others.



MED RAY is a member of the Association for Development of Medical Information Technologies and Association of developers and users of artificial intelligence systems in medicine - National Medical Knowledge Base. In 2019 the company was awarded the ITM Diploma for developments in the field of healthcare informatization.

The company creates and integrates systems based on artificial intelligence
Has experience in creating digital platforms for region or country
Producer of multimodal diagnostic workstations and PACS-systems
Provides interface
in 11 languages
Can be adapted to any language of the world

The company works on creation and integration of medical decision support systems based on artificial intelligence in the field of mammography, X-ray and computed tomography.


Russia, Moscow, 4-33, Urzhumskaya ulitsa
+7 495 668-07-64