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The company NEW BIOMEDICAL SOLUTIONS, founded in 2012, develops, manufactures and sells modern hemostatic products based on biopolymers.
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The company NEW BIOMEDICAL SOLUTIONS, founded in 2012, develops, manufactures and sells modern hemostatic products based on biopolymers.

The company was founded on the basis of a project that originated in the framework of the Formula Bio program of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Science Park. The company was supported by the Fund of assistance to innovations, the Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


The key product of the project is hemostatic means of ELLARGA line, which is an innovative development of young Russian scientists. These products can stop external, including arterial, potentially fatal bleeding in two minutes. Bloodstorming effect is achieved by local concentration of blood components, and binding chitosan molecules with negatively charged red blood cells. 

ELLARGA" means are available in two types:

- Powder weighing 3g, 8g, 15g. Packaged active ingredient in pure form. It is compact and economical in use;

- Bandages of size 2,5x100cm and 7,5x150cm. Blood-stopping powder is applied on the basis of a bandage on both sides and is not washed out even by heavy bleeding. It is quickly removed from the packaging and unwound.

Each ELLARGA product can fit in any first-aid kit.


Specialists of the State Research and Test Institute of Military Medicine of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation conducted a study of the means of ELLARGA, comparing it with the work of the world market leader - a styptic Celox. 

According to the results of the test on the model of absolutely lethal arterial bleeding in a large animal (sheep) ELLARGA bandage showed a higher efficiency of the product relative to its foreign analogue - when using a bandage of Russian production in the experimental group there was no recurrence of bleeding after the restoration of blood pressure level on the background of infusion therapy (primary anti-shock measures).

Exhibition in Dubai

In 2019, the company NEW BIOMEDICAL SOLUTIONS was among the capital companies participating in the program "Made in Moscow", which represented Moscow in one of the largest international technological exhibitions in the field of health care Arab Health-2019 in Dubai. Under a single brand name Made in Moscow, Moscow manufacturers showed guests the event more than 30 latest developments, including hardware and software technologies, diagnostic equipment, as well as projects at the intersection of medicine and robotics. NEW BIOMEDICAL SOLUTIONS company brought about two dozens of ELLARGA powder samples.


ELLARGA products are manufactured in Russia and delivered to any point of the country by the Russian Post, Express Mail Service Post or by a transport company. The service of self-delivery is also available in Moscow.

The production is certified according to

ISO 13485 international standard
Which made it possible to launch the first export sales in South Africa in 2019

The company produces the widest range of hemostatic agents in Russia

The Company manufactures the most compact hemostatic bandage in Russia

The company's products are recommended to equip emergency medical kits


Russia, Moscow, 1, ulitsa Leninskie Gory, Building 77
+7 495 018-37-99
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